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KC's Home Page

Kristine I love you with all my heart! Hope you like our home page. Chris and I met in April of 2003, it didn't take long to fall in love and thanks to some Yeager, we both had the nerve to tell each other our true emotions and have our first kiss. The electricity from that kiss is something that neither one of us have never felt before and I must say speaking for myself, I know what it now feels like to have found my true soulmate in life. We have clicked in every aspect of our lives. From our personalities, to our goals in life, even with our children. Everyday continues to be a wonderful adventure, mostly due to our children and for that I feel truely blessed. I wish that everyone could be as truely happy and content with their lives as we are. Chris I love you with all of my heart, body and soul and look forward to every day that lies ahead for us and for our family. You are my true companion, my love and my life, forever and always.

My Favorite Web Sites

"Do you YAHOO?"
"You can find anything at GOOGLE."
"See Our little Crumb Grabers."