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November 22, 1986, Steevin was born Raised in the south, country music fishin' and huntin' are the best!! Met this fella at Southside, had strange way of doing and saying - and a very distinguishable smell. They fell deeply into brotherhood and lived happily ever sober. Guitar was not natural, not easy, but always fun. He kept playing though he never really learned. Asked Stephen what an a minor chord and he will spit in your face like a camel; which by the way is a good brand of cigarettes. Shane and steven dually soloed through a few years until they met some guys on the local scene. Formed a project labeled Winterferris. The project sparked a new fervor in Stephens work, and also began a new friendship circle for shane, jon, and stephen. A summer went by once the band broke up, then the guys got back together to revise the projects. All steevin has to say is that he loves winterferris, and really feels that the 'wheels are revolving' now. Also " Jon is a very sexy guy!"