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Winter Ferris Upcoming Events

March 6th
Battle of the Bands at The Lower Room
Show starts at 5:30pm. Admission: 5 $
Appearing with:
Another Constellation, Once For All, Halfway There,
The New Tomorrow, and TBA.

March 6th
Show atThe Jungle
Show starts at 11:00pm. Admission: 21 & Over - 5 $.
Under 21 - 7 $
Appearing with:
Rather Go Blind and The Black Arcadia Monday

March 13th
Salty's Grand Opening
Time and date subject to change. Admission is free.

March 20th
Show at The Civic Center
Time of the show is in the works. Admission: Around 6 $
Appearing with:
Once For All, Rather Go Blind, Twelve Month Crisis,
and Autumn Day Strangler.

April 3rd
Show at Duke University Coffee House
Show starts at 9:00pm. Admission: 5 $.
Appearing with:
Another Constellation and Once For All.

For Directions or Questions contact:
Shane - 260-4697
Jon - 245-5211
Stephen - 319-9651
Bran - 992-1706