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On the fourth day, of the eighth month, of the one thousandth-nine-hundred and eighty-fourth year, Shane Nickle was born. It wasn't any special occasion or anything. The only significance about that day was that he was born two months earlier than expected. That's about it. He spent his birth through the age of five in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. (That's right, you read correctly. It said IOWA!) Now don't go thinking him to be some type of hick. As Matthew Lillard said in the great movie SLC Punk, "I don't wear cowboy boots, I hate the ____ rodeo, horses smell like ____ to me, and I don't ____ anyone within my own bloodline, by definition I'm not a redneck and ____ I ain't a _____ hick!" Age five came around and so did Shane's dad's job opportunity, moving them to Florence, SC. Leaving behind family and friends, Nickle boldly faced the challenges that were set before him. From kindergarten through the seventh grade, Nickle could be described as your basic nerd. He had the glasses, the dorky shirts, the name it, he wore it. Then Adam Nuber came around and changed his way of dress, his attitude, and his way of thinking. Skateboarding was on the rise and that is how Nickle found the opportunity to fit in. He lost the glasses, lost the highwaters, and lost the fear of rejection and went flat out crazy! He was also introduced to the world of punk rock music! From then on, Nickle was no longer considered to be a "nerd" or "dork," and even if he were, he no longer cared. He began thinking as an individual instead of a conformist, evening though conforming made him into an individual. All throughout this time, Nickle was attending Southside Baptist Church. This is the place where Nickle met Stephen McCrea. The two became like brothers and were both interested in the same kind of music. They were always talking about starting a band and creating that which they love. Well, finally one day, they did. Nickle bought a bass, McCrea bought a guitar and taught themselves to play. Thanksgiving night, 1999, was the beginning of a beautiful ending.

Nickle has been influenced by bands such as Linkin Park, Incubus, Staind, Thursday, The Used, Eve 6, and Braid. Nickle never thought that he'd ever enjoy singing. He was in choir from fourth grade through seventh, but that was different. That was music you were forced to sing, not one that you had an opportunity to choose and voice your opinion. Later, though, singing was a gift Nickle had obtained, so he decided to pursue it. Now Nickle is Vocals of Winter Ferris. "I love being able to share my hopes in life with three other amazing musicians. They have the same goals in mind as I do and they all are dedicated at making those dreams becoming reality. I wouldn't have it any other way."