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Check this section often for updates about Winter Ferris

February 12, 2004:Winter Ferris has suffered a terrible loss. Oh Loft, we will miss you! Our finances have taken an unexpected turn also. We will make it through though...see you at the next show.

February 11, 2004:finally another update!! The WF van is now in our possession. a tv, fuzzy steering wheel cover, and a cheap red light is all that we need now for our trips this summer. stephen sent off a few press kits to venues in NC, thats where the WF summer 04 tour will hopefully begin. Wish us luck!!

February 1, 2004: (early morning)Stephen tries to contact Jon at 2:45 a.m. to inform him of the joyous night he is having, while Jon is asleep and dreaming of going to work the next day.

January 31, 2004:Stephen confronted by florence mall security for his antics at a local ice cream store...Piggly Wiggly has four new "customers"...and we still need to get those press packages together!

January 28, 2004:NO SCHOOL AGAIN TODAY ! ! ! YEEESSS!!!

January 27, 2004:NO SCHOOL AGAIN TODAY ! ! !

January 26, 2004:Public schools are closed. Even the colleges. Woo hoo! Anyways, We'll be updating the news again now because it's a new year and we want to make sure you're filled in. We think we have found a van we are going to purchase for the tour this summer. It's a conversion van with a tv and vcr in it. So we'll be very comfortable on the road. Stephen has re-obtained his job at TCBY and I (jon) have gotten a new job at Skateland. This means the bands financial status has gone up. Umm...oh yeah we're going back into the studio soon to record 4 new songs we've been working on. We really really like them and I'm pretty sure you all will too. That's it for now, but stay tuned for more information on what's going on with the band in the days to come.