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So you've heard a few songs and seen a few pictures right? Now you're probably wondering how WinterFerris came to be and all that other stuff that's included in the Biography of the band. Well, let me take the opportunity right now to inform you on everything we know. It's like something that came right out of a fairy tale. Open a book and BLAM! There we are. You think WinterFerris formed over night? No, no, no young bucky. It took a little thing I'd like to call "time." Let's begin, shall we?

Once Upon a Time on a beautiful countryside, when princes rescued princesses and when dragons roamed the earth, WinterFerris was born... Alright, first off, if you even believed any of that first sentence, I suggest you never tell anyone. Common people! Everyone knows that there's no such thing as princesses! Let me smack you back into reality! It was November 1999, Thanksgiving night. Vocalist Shane Nickle and Guitarist Stephen McCrea practiced for the first time in McCrea's abandoned bedroom. (When I say abandoned, I mean they were putting some additions onto their house and at the time, his bedroom had nothing but a wooden floor, four walls, a ceiling, wooden beams, and a tiny heater. Anyways, that's besides the point.) Two friends, closer than brothers, formed a pact that night. They decided to put everything into making music. They named the band "Bottle of Fury." At the time, Nickle played the Bass as well as vocals, so the only need they had was finding a drummer. Between the years of 1999 and 2002 they went through a series of drummers who included friend, Michael McCleod, and Shane's brother, Chad. The name of the band changed numerous times because of numerous causes but mostly because everything they came up with didn't really mean anything to them. The names included: Null, Slit, Paralyzed Anger in the Mustard Seed, and LaughingStock.

Eventually Nickle dropped the bass. Not because he didn't enjoy playing it, but because he found it too difficult to both sing and play bass at the same time. Thus began the search for a bassist and a drummer. In July 2002, Nickle started a job at The Atlanta Bread Company. This is when things got good. Nickle worked at The Atlanta Bread Company from July 2002 until February 2003. In the duration of this trying time, luck was on his side. Shane met fellow employees Jonathan Edwards, Billy Tindal, and Tim Allen. On break one day, the conversation arose to music. Come to find out Edwards played Bass, Tindal played drums, and Allen played guitar. It were as if fate was on their side. From the first band practice, the music, they all agreed, sounded amazing! The band had every part that it needed: Two guitarists, a vocalist, a bassist, and a drummer. The music could be described as alternative vocals with rock chords and punk beats. Everything was perfect...or so they thought.

During the month of November, the band now known as WinterFerris, lost both Tim Allen and Billy Tindal, leaving WinterFerris, once again, incomplete. They are gone but not forgotten. West Florence High School drummer Matt Lee heard about the predicament and offered to fill in. December was a trying time for the band having its share of ups and downs. One good thing that came out of it was the recording of "Patiently Waiting." Then all of a sudden, the band abruptly stopped. No practices. No nothing. It seemed everyone just went their seperate ways.

In the Summer of 2003, WinterFerris was dwelling inside each of the bandmates. Out of the blue, McCrea, Nickle, and Edwards decided to make this thing happen, after all, music is what kept them all going. It got them through the day, into the evening, and through the night. They didn't have a drummer, but it didn't matter. The only thing that mattered was the friendship and the music. Hark work and determination was the recipe for this cake. In October 2003, drummer Kyle Hilliard (Alive and Proud) decided to give it a go and join WinterFerris. It was understood that Kyle had several other obligations and would not be a permanent solution to the band's drummer problems. So after about a month Winter Ferris found it's 4th and final drummer, Bran Oswalt. Bran is the missing link to Winter Ferris. Shane, Stephen, Jon, and Bran will be making music forever...