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This page is dedicated to my gerbils who I love playing with and keep me company when I am bored. I will be updating this page with new pictures of them and more stuff on them, enjoy them if you wish!

I got my gerbils from the pet superstore down in Southampton, UK and decided to get them after I returned from my holiday of a lifetime in Florida in the States in the summer of 2002. It was in mid-august so I assume they were both born at the end of June. Micky is the brown one and Snowy is the white fatter one. Click on the images below for a larger picture.

This is my gerbil's cage which looks very cool and space style, it's hard work cleaning it, but the gerbils enjoy it! Click on the picture below to explore the cage!

I have added a new movie, this one is not fantastic but I will add better ones when I have the chance! View the movie here 1.1MB - Windows Movie Player (This is designed for broadband, if you have a slower modem Right Click and Save As)