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             How to troubleshoot and error message: missing NTLDR


I will take you to the steps on how you can troubleshoot a Windows XP Professional

 installation and repair it using the Recovery Console.


Microsoft Windows XP Professional Academic Learning Series.


1.Insert the windows XP Professional CD into the CD-ROM drive and press Ctrl+Alt+Delete

to restart the computer.

2.Whent setup displays the Setup Notification message, read it, and then press Enter to continued.

Set up displays the welcome to Setup screen.

3.Press R to repair a windows XP Professional installation. Setup start the Recovery Console.

4.Type 1 and press Enter. You are prompted to enter the Administrator Password.

5.Type Password and press Enter. Setup displays a C:\windows command prompt.

6.Type d: and press Enter.

Note: If your CD- ROM drive is not drive d, use the correct drive letter.

7.Type cd i386 and press Enter.

9.Type dir and press Enter.

Most of the files on the CD-ROM end with an _, for example, NTOSKRNL.EX_.

10.Press Space barr to scroll through the files and locate NTLDR.

11.Type copy ntldr c:\ntldr and press Enter. When the copy is complete, Setup displays a 1 file(s) copied message.

12.Remove the Windows XP Professional CD from your CD-ROM drive.

13.Type exit and press Enter. The computer reboots and should start normally.