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I am willing to move out into a big city like New York, New york or Los Angeles, California. I love to be independant a more than likely live out on my own for a while, unless I find friends to move and accompany me. After the serving in the army I will be left alone with my decisions and everything I do will be completely up to me. All the chioces and freedom of my own independance is going to take it's start.


I want to go to as many different places in the world while I'm still alive. Touring around the world has been one of my most funnest goals I have. Who knows maybe along the way I wil find my prince charming. Spain out of all the places in the world has been my ultimate dream and it's all I ask for if given the opportunity in the army. Madrid is one of the place i would love to visit. And i would alos like to explore on thier architecture aswell.


Architecture has been my ultimate choice for what I want to work for for the rest of my life. I am also interested in the field of landscaping and something opposite of that, interior design. I know for a fact that i will at least have fun with one of the three choices i have selected and I will be reicieving aid from my some of my family members because they have experience in architecture. We might even start a business together. There's a lot that awaits my future and I wish with all the ideas Ihave in mind, I run my life with success and no regrets or failures.