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Navy Marine Corps Intranet Review

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What is NMCI?


The Navy Marine Corps Intranet (NMCI) is a comprehensive, enterprise-wide initiative that will make the full range of network-based information services available to Sailors and Marines for day-to-day activities and in war. NMCI will give the Navy and Marine Corps secure, universal access to integrated voice, video and data communications. It will afford pier-side connectivity to Navy vessels in port. And it will link more than 360,000 desktops across the United States as well as sites in Puerto Rico, Iceland and Cuba.


NMCI will apply the speed and might of world-class Internet technology to everything from administrative tasks to ammunition supply. It will help the Navy and Marine Corps meet these critical objectives:

bulletEnhanced network security
bulletInteroperability with CINCs and other Services
bulletKnowledge sharing across the globe
bulletIncreased productivity
bulletImproved systems reliability and quality of service
bulletReduced cost of voice, video and data services

The ultimate advantage for the warfighter? Increased combat readiness and effectiveness.