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~iLLiCiT Mafia~
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iLLiCiT Mafia [RP]

iLLiCiT Mafia [RP] ~iLLiCiT Mafia : 11:0:0 : Well, we defeated -=PubliC EmY ELITE=-[RP] with 2026 hits, congradulations guys!

Crew Leader: CalledTheShitPoo
Crew [Co] Leaders: -= Scarface =-
iLLiCiT Mafia Most Wanted: MoBsTeR88JR.
Closest Allie: So~Solid~Crew
Enemie Crew: None for the moment
Most Hits On Hitlist: Wankerface with a whopping 180 hits.

¤iLLiCiT Mafia¤

¤iLLiCiT Mafia CoDe¤

¤1.[ Trust ] Trust your leader have faith in him he is loyal to you as you are to him.¤

¤2.[ Loyalty ] Our Motto - 'Trust LOYALTY and Honor'.

¤3.[ Honor ] Honor the crew, and your alliances break them and be broken.¤

We are currently idle in the war process. .

iLLiCiT Mafia

Crew News: 11/16/03 Now we are an 11-0-0 Crew W/L/T, Defeated -=PubliC EmY ELITE=-[RP], next we will be on to Gangsta Babes RP 2


iLLiCiT Mafia Will Soon Rise To Be on Top Of Outwar, As One Of Outwars Elites.!

iLLiCiT Mafia 2003®