If you would like to join iLLiCit Mafia [RP] please drop us a email or add one of us to you're aim. Or Send us a message on outwar!

Message us today for an invite!

Any Scarface will try to make your reqest possible.

Dont Waste Your Time Thinking About Joining, Do It Today! And don't waste our time if you are under 750 Thugs\Feet\Fan.


CalledTheShitPoo: Aim : Pwayzjellyroll| Email:
DjMoney: Aim : DjMoney12889| Email : Not yet available
TheBadGuy111: Aim : TheBadGuy156| Email : Not yet available

Please contact one of us to request to join with AIM/EMAIL and firstly in an E-mail make sure you put subject as OUTWAR if it's not that and you want one of them to read it they will just delete it, or you can message us or any Scarface to join!

iLLiCit Mafia 2003