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Idora Park

Idora Park had

Hey all thanks for coming to The Number One site for Idora Park lovers. On this page I have created a lot of facts. This one park was voted one of the top ten parks in the country. Here are some facts. ~Idora Parkís rides included Old Mill; later called The Lost River, boat ride The Park also had a fun house, a haunted castle, a Ferris wheel, a tilt-a-whirl, a rocket ship ride, and many others Idora Park was located in Youngstown OH by lake Erie. ~Idora Park opened in 1899 and was called Terminal Park. ~Idora Park had the first Wildcat and Jackrabbit roller coasters. ~Idora Park had the first Disco balls (mireoscopes) in the WORLD!!! ~Idora Park had the biggest Dance floor in all Ohio. 96x300 ft! ~Idora Park even had a swimming pool and baseball field ~Idora Park had their own baseball team called the ~Youngstown Gremlins, which the name later changed to the Youngstown Athletics. To find out more about ~ ~Idora Park (which I hope you will) please type in Idora Park in the search bar and click on a link. There's so much to know about Idora Park. But sadly Idora Park burnt down in 1984 and St. Elizabeth's Hospital hosted the last picnic there in '84 and on that day an important quality of life event passed into memory. If you don't want to search the web for info about Idora go to your local bookstore and buy the book "Idora Park... The Last Ride of Summer" By Rick Shale and Charles J. Jacques, Jr. Itís a great book. Thanks For coming to my web page,Joey To ask me any questions email me or instant message me at screen name- StuieLittle525Email-