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This Week's Updates: Some Random stuff so look around
Our First Page!

Our First Page!
Brecghan's First page | Scott's First Page | The Rules of BASEketball | Our Newest Game Craze

<---This is Brecghan

Brecghan is the brains of our group and helps put everything together. He alone made the very webpage that you are seeing right now. His AIM Screenname is "brecghan" and his email is He wishes you a happy day.

<---This is Scott

Scott is the action of our group and usually has good ideas. He usually supplies everything that our group needs from a hangout to food to just stuff to do. He was the one that though of making this webpage as a "team" effort. If you can't tell by his lovey dovey shout out to Laura, then your retarded but neways he is dating a Pius Cheerleader named Laura something. If you want to get to know this playa, his AIM screenname is Scottyisdope13 and his email is He wants you to know that he likes pie.

<---This is Will

Will is the stuntman of our group and seems to always get hurt. Last time alone he managed to hurt himself while jumping over the couch. He also somehow hurt himself while on a tredmill. If you have nothing to do you can talk to this bum, his AIM screenname is Shocktone and his email is He wants us to tell you that he is hardcore.

<---This is Jon

Jon is the all around guy in our group. He usually has good ideas and is not afraid of getting hurt as long as it is caught on camera. He has had the same hair style since he was a toddler and we all think his hair is hilarious. If you want to talk to him he can be reached on AIM under the screenname Lich3636 or by email at He would like for you to know that Collin is a FatAss.


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