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Welcome to Heathrow Where thought are set in bold Typeface!
Hello to all who dare read this blog. In it you will find many odd thoughts and Ideas, all from an Latter-Day Saint prospective. May You All Be Enlightend so far as sanity will permit!



	So I know I have not posted in a while, I will repent and be better about it, 

but it just seems like there is nothing going on that I feel like I need to post about, at 

least untill now.   I have to tell you this week has been a blur.  

	Let me take you back a few weeks, A freind of Mine, Suzanne, had some guests from 

New York City, Monica and Alva.  They were two of the sweetest lady's I have met in a while, 

and the whole time they werer there they were trying to hook Suzanne up with all these guys

they would meet in an atempt to get her married.  
	On the night that they flew back to New York, we had all gone to family home evening 

at the ward building. at first in out little group it was me and Nephi, just hangign out, and  

Nephi had been trying to figure out something to do, he had suggested that we go to a movie, 

and even tryed to get a few people to go with us, well notbody wanted to go, so eventually his 

thougts turned to food. Particularly the food that Monica had cooked for us all for a dinner 

at Suzannes house the saturday before, and he wanted to go and grab some of the curry chicken  

that she had made. I did not much want to go because I did not even know if anyone was there 

accept monica and alva so I stalled on going over as long as I could
	In process of time Jodi, Larry, and Tiffany showed up at FHE, and we all talked for a 

while. there were several events that happened while we were there and we found out that Jodi 

had to take Monica and Alva to the air port for them to catch heir flight, and had to go back 

to their how to pick them up.  Of course Nephi turned his thoughts to his stomach again and 

suggested that we go over to say goodbye and grab some of the curry chicken.  they agreed and 

off we went.
	now before this point I need to let you know that Nephi's stomach has proven to be 

quite fortuitous to me.  to explain, when I first met Tiffany, in passing I thought that she 

would be a fun girl to go out with, but I never gave it much thought because of finaces. but 

whenever she was around I would often get the impression that she felt the same way, not about 

My finances, but about going out with me.
	that night when we were at Suzannes, we were all standing around, and in the room at 

that point was me Monica, Alva, Nephi and Tiffany.  Now in our group Nephi usually gets the 

brunt of the rassing and teasing, and that was the topic at that point. Tiffany was trying to 

explain that we only tease him when he dishes it out and therefore deserves it. being the 

smart alick that I am I made the comment that I give him crap just for fun not for repayment.  

nephi chucked and told me that I would have it comeing My way and just to wait.  Tiffany then 

retorted that (and this is just a paraphrase of her statement) I did not have it comeing to me 

because I am different.  needless to say she realized what she said and turned Bright red and 

became very embarassed.  well I thought, maybe this is just a slip, but then again maybe she 

is interested in me.  I tend to be very cautious about little hints like that, because I 

think to myself that it is just my mind playing tricks and that that was what I wanted to 

	that night after she had left with Jodi to take Monica and Alva to the airport, I told 

larry what had happened, but Nephi, being as slow as he is did not remember the comment from 

ten minutes before. so I had no corobaration on my claim, but that night after her and Jodi 

got back and Suzanne had gotten home from dropping her freind paul off I think at his aunts 

place, we all spent some time talking and hanging out, and thruought the night, I wuld catch 

her winking at me and we would always steal glances at each other.  
	Oh and it just gets better from there.  one night a little later that week, Larry And 

I had gone down to temple square as we are prone to do when we need to talk and think, and 

after sitting and talking for a while we began walking around, and he mentioned not haveing a 

penny. curious, I pulled out a penny from My pocket and handed it to him and we walked a 

little bit linger, and when we got to the waiding pool that stands there on the main streen 

plaza, he told me that it was to make a wish with and he lobbed it out into the center of the 

pool.  Likeing the Idea I took a penny of My own and made a wish ;-)
(I was a little nervouse because My toss did not make it to the center of the Pool) 	

	Sunday, about a week later, I had an activity commity meeting to attend right after 

church, and in the middle of the meeting I get a call from suzanne, telling me that they are 

doing their sunday afternoon breakfast and that I need to be there. so as soon as the meeting 

gets out I call her and tell her I would be over.  As I pulled up I saw that Tiffany was there 

which greatly improved my mood which was already cheery, and when I get inside, I was told 

that I needed to eat My waffles quickly because we were going to be going to their old ward to 

hear Jodi's cousin Kim Bob talk in sacrement meeting. 
	While I was eating, I was told by suzanne that I had a choice, she had to leave early 

for a meeting of her own, and so we could either ride with her and leave early, or I could 

ride with tiffany and leave after the meeting was fully over.
	I was excited but I saw Tiffany role her Eyes, BUT in reasurence, Shannon who was in 

the room as well gave me a big smile and nodded her head in aproval, so I opted to ride with 

	It was a great ride there and the meeting was good, but on the way back she was scared 

of getting lost so she had Shannon ride with.
	but all that is still not the best part, because at this point I was still running on 

hints that I may have been intepereting wrong,  but when we got back to Suzannes house, Jodi 

took me aside and wispered to her that "You Need TO Ask Her Out"  I told her that My finaces 

were such that I would not be able to yet, and we decided to talk after Tiffany had left. 

I would have liked for her to be able to stay longer, but she had to go help her sister send 

invitations for her wedding, and so it was not very long before she left and I was finnaly 

able to talk with Jodi.  

	I aksed her what she knew, and that fact that she knew anything was suprsing to me 

because earlyer that week I had gotten Tiffany's # from her and asked her what she thought 

about me asking her out, and all she told me then was that tiffany had not said anything about 

	This time, I asked Jodi if tiffany had told her that she wanted me to aske her out, 

and shannon Jumped in and said "nope, she told me!" with a big smile on her face, and they 

proceeded to explain to me that there are a lot of things you can do on a date without a lot 

of money!
	I asked her out last night, after FHE. it was lame and she did not come, so Larry and 

I took off early, and went to go get some sheet music for him, and then back to his place, 

where I was being a chicken and did not want to call her, but I finally did it and got an 

answering machine.  Slightly disapointed I left a message, and told her to call me when she 

got a chance. which apearantly came about 2 minutes later, which was suprising how quick she 

called back.  we made small talk for a few minutes and then asked her if she would like to go 

out on friday.  I don't know why I was so nervous about calling her because I knew she would 

say yes, and once I was on the phone I was fine.

	Since then my head has been reeling, I can't seem to get her out of my head,  I told 

her I would call later this week and let her know more details about our date. but last night 

I was tempted to just call he up to talk, but I decided not to so as not to scare her away.  I 

have been listening to and reading lyrics to love songs and just floating on cloud 10, forget 

cloud 9 I went strait to the top.
	Later that Night Larry and I were back at Temple Square, and I happened to have a 

couple of pennies in My pocket, and this time the penny hit dead center.

	its been a few days since I last posted, and so I thought I better update this thing .
	the theme of the last couple of weeks has been relationships -- you can deffinitly 

tell it is spring time, everyone in my singles ward has been twiterpated, and I am waiting 

for it to happen to me, but to be honest I don't know if I could get that lucky.  

	one of the things I have noticed also is how much like kids the people in the 

singles ward are when it comes to relationships.  That is not necessarily a bad thing, and 

I cannot claim to be exempt from it either, but we all are soo scared to say how we really 

feel. on my mission I personally adopted the philosophy of Dido (I didn't hear the song 

untill after My mission, in case you were woundering) that if I didn't say it, well I'd have 

still felt it, and were is the sence in that.  and really what is the sence of not shareing 

your feelings if that is how you feel, and they don't reciprocate, at that point you should 

not have invested enough to get hurt. 


sorry I had to stop writing last night, it was late, and I was dogg tired.

today while I was on My way to work, I work as a gateway tech By the way, I was stopped trying to turn out of a parking lot by a UTA bus that was stopped at a buss stop. As I looked up I saw a girl who could be not much older than 15 or 16, who had leaned over towards the window and was sticking her toung out and waveing it at me like Gene Simmons from KISS. All I could do was laugh, I gave her a thumbs up before the bus drove away. 4*29*2004

So, to start off with, how about a little introduction. My name is Adam, And as you could guess I am a member of the Church Of Jesus Christ Of Latter-Day Saint. That Is to Say, the Mormons. I served a full Time mission for the church from fall 2001 to fall 2003 in Wisconsin the dary land, and now I am home. I have been home for about six Months now and am really getting adjusted to normal Life. I just finished My first semester at SLCC the comunity college here in salt lake