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~*~Guild layouts~*~

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Hey here is my website ! Here u can find graphix for ur guilds or webbies but with some conditions loll.. for now there will only be graphix and when im donne there will be much more !!
I just started this site soo plzz be patient with me !
for now theres only few layour .. but theres alot more coming and it takes alot of work

I can make u layout for ur guilds or webbies without my name on it but if u want that u have to pay nps.. the cost depends on what u want and how much nps u or your guild have (im not that mean if ur poor I can make u specials) ok then I make u the layout u want ..(u have to neomail me for that !)

Rules-Conditions: All graphix that I made tooked me alot of my time so don't steal !! I share the graphix that I MADE so my name and url are on ALL my graphix ! never steal the content of this website ! i know when u do and if I find out that u stold my graphix u will be reported !! If any1 knows that some1 stold my work plzz tell me !! plzz only members of use this site ! if ur not a member of plzz email me befor using anything here !

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