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Press Release, “The Timothean Religion Is Going Public”, May 26, 2016.

I will allow comments on this video but you can also comment to @GoTimothy under the #GospelOfTimothy.

Christ is God made visible by the power of the father’s word. God spoke a word and the word became visible flesh. God became visible so that he could be seen and known. When Christ speaks, it is the word of God. Christ is the tabernacle of God. A more perfect tabernacle that was not made with human hands. This is the will of the father, that everyone who sees the son and believes he is the word of God, shall be saved and Christ will raise him up at the last day. Christ said he was not sent but to the lost sheep of Israel. Jacob was renamed Israel when he saw God. The name Israel means the man that sees God. Jacob taught his children that God is visible. Everyone who accepts this truth, seeks to see God and shall be saved, when they do. Those who heard of God the father, seek to see the visible incarnate son. Many have seeked but not found, God does not appear to sinners. The false Church Babylon teaches that no man can see God, Isaiah 47:10. The Babylonian religions are Islam, Judaism, Hinduism and Christianity. Nobody in those relations will see God. God is seen by faith. Faith comes by hearing the testimony of the witnesses who saw God. The New World order religion is the Timothean religion. Christians rejected the truth, demoted God to a Messiah a mere man and so did the Jews, Hindus and the Muslims. It’s very simple. Those who have not seen Christ do not know Christ. Hence, they are the antichrist.

In the past I was trying to enlighten these religions to a higher level of truth but all they have done is used my ideas to promote their evil religions making the world more corrupt than enlightened. For fifteen hundred years the Shiites and the Sunnis have been fighting over who their leader is. They are going to kill each other off. Neither side is going to say, “oh yeah, you were right”. For two thousand years the Christians and Jews have been fighting about which day is the Sabbath. Neither one is going to say the other side is right and they were wrong. The Christians and Catholics don’t agree with each other. That’s why they have guns. It’s not even worth arguing with them. They don’t even follow the ten Commandments of “do not kill” or “don’t make any images of Jesus”. You can’t be a gun owner and see God. The atheist claim that any evidence of God is a hallucination or fabrication. There’s no one that can save them, because they believe their Savior is insane.

From now on information will only be available to members of the Timothean religion. I’m also looking for volunteers to help redesign the website. To help or join call 1-248-906-4634 or write.

Timothy Campbell
15719 Sabre Box 5
Fraser, MI 48026

You can email me your name address and phone number to, but it is not secure. I did change my password, but there are hackers in these religions, corporate businesses and governments. However, you really should have faith and not worry about it. The phone number is a magicJack that they hack sometimes so if you can’t get through there is always the mail. However, even the evil Christians work at the post office. So keep trying and if you tried but couldn’t get through send a message to my@GoTimothy twitter account. If anyone is interested I have some collector paperback copies of the Gospel of Timothy from 1996 that I’m thinking about putting on eBay. If you would bid on a copy let me know on twitter. Retweet if you would bid on eBay for a copy of the #GospelOfTimothy. Ebay is a little bit more secure.

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