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Hey Bitchers, This site has been set up to give you all the maximum amount of bitching in our forum without the sign up hassles or the hassles of having to wait too long to do the bitching.

Hope you enjoy this site coz it was made so that everyone can tell the world what is their fuckin problem this week. after all, everyone is sick of other people bitching and they want their bitching heard. Do it all here.

Also we have newly added a chat room which should help you bitch in person around the world.

NOTE: This site is mainly black and white so that it loads up faster than an Iraqi in Saddam's palace.

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This is for those who need to bitch over the phone, send up to 8 free messages per day to any mobile phone in the world. Its sik so go check the link below out. By the way, this is not an add, I just thought it was a cool site.