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Welcome to Fantasy World where your dreams can come true.
We match you up with those in your area who want the same thing you are looking for. For Example almost anything goes.

*Incest Fantasy
*Cowboys and Indians

Almost anything you can think of.

You may ask how does this work.
I will now tell you how.

First you send to us an e-mail with the following information:

Name: (Can be real or Made Up)
Sex: (Male - Female)
Location: (State, Country. Must be the right location)
Your Fantasy and what you are looking for.
Also please add if you would like us to post your info online or keep private.

Thats it we then wait for some one from your area to write and ask for the same or we suggest to some one in your area your fantasy.
Many people ask how much does this cost, our answer Nothing Zero it is all free to you.
So if you are ready and want to find some one in your area to make your fantasy come true please send to us your e-mail.


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Please allow atleast one week for reply to all e-mails.
Legal Information: No one under the age of 18 may post or send e-mail.
All persons must be atleast 18 years of age unless your state law says other wise.
We can not be held liable for any meetings and or dates of those who list with us.
No illegal content allowed no Child Pornography or any underage Girls or Boys.
Some Fantasy may be illegal in areas of the U.S.A ans other countries.
You access this site and e-mails etc. at your own risk.
(C) 2004 Fantasy World Inc.