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This layout was made by Robert, the graphic was made by Catrina from Starlight Productions 2002, here is the address to the site, read the roleplay but don't steal anything, ideas, graphics, roleplay itself or I'll find you and make you pay for messing with me okay, glad we understand one another.

"I'd Start A Revolution" blasts on the arena speakers as the fans give a mixed reaction as they wait to see who has decided to come out of the back, as we see it's Justin Credible as we see him looking at the crowd he goes up close to the camera and flips them off as he walks to the ring. He gets into the ring and then jumps up onto the ropes and puts his one arm up in the air as the fans do the same thing.

Justin Credible then goes and takes a mic and goes and begins to speak to the crowd.

Justin Credible: Damn this crowd sucks, I mean I thought the night when I came back to the WWF I got a great response, well I guess in Miami all of you are against Violence? is that why you don't like me..I'm Violent...too fucking bad, I'm going to continue to be violent and hey if your lucky maybe I'll take some of it out on one of you..who's the lucky winner...(gazes around the crowd)...maybe later but right now I have a few people to address that are probably in the building tonight, so I'll get started...The Extreme Revolution is going to be in a Eight Way Tornado Hardcore Tag Match on Showdown...right here in this arena..hopefully with a new set of fans..who likes to have a fucking good time instead of booing all of us because we put on a violent, hardcore show that entertains millions...if you don't like it get the fuck out of her..but we have to fight The Kat, The Undertaker, Lizzy Borden and's going to Trinity, Francine, myself and Lance Storm from The Extreme Revolution, what I see is that The Kat is the Vice President so she thinks she can put herself in matches when's it's good for her, but she's lucky were new and were not on the injured list so were going to give her a hell of alot of competiton just because we can...

Now the only one I see a huge problem with is The Undertaker..yeah I'm sure that we can take care of his bitch and his minions but him..he's the King of The Darkside nobody wants to screw with him, but tonight we have no other choice but to screw with him, beat the shit out of him and pin him for the one, two, three..but we'll also be kicking his ass but not just his, were kicking his wife's ass and also Lizzy and Raven's asses too because they are in the match and The Extreme Revolution has alot to prove as far as violent wrestling goes..and we get our first match as a team in a Hardcore Match..does The Kat not understand what we are about..we are violent..there's no stopping us until we see the blood poaring from the forheads of our opponents..we don't give up until they have suffered pain from our chair shots..our leg drops and our other moves...But The Undertaker, I know that your the King of Darkness but that doesn't mean were not going after you we are going after you tonight if it takes all four of us to knock you down and out of the match we'll do it because if we beat The Ministry's team we'll work our way up to the top and there's not telling what will happen if the Extreme Revolution has a chance to take this place over...Extreme Style..

The Kat is another story, now none of us are worried about her in the match, she's a real bitch as a person but as a wrestler..she's used to wrestling in sandboxes and pudding not a ring..[laughs], but The Kat is known to be the total evil bitch here in the Web Wrestling Federation but she is nothing compared to the ladies of the Extreme Revolution she might be the evil bitch, but she hasn't faced one of the violent Bitches..Trinity and Francine can easily take care of her...and tonight they will because Lance and I are going to be taking out the Lord Of The Darkness..and we are going to win this one...

...Now Lizzy I admit, she's one hot bitch, but when it comes to violence I'm not sure she's got what it takes...she likes it hardcore...but does that imply she likes it hardcore in the ring? or just in the bedroom..[laughs] yeah I'm sure she likes it both Lizzy I'm not one of those guys who will take one look at your chest and leave you alone, now I'm not like that at all I'm going to see you flaunt your tits at me and your going to try to distract me while your half-nut man Raven comes from behind and takes me down but I'm not one of those guys who refuses to hit a woman..your in the ring with me your my opponent no matter if your male or forget about trying to distract me because it won't work..

..The dark Raven is that what you call yourself or the Psycho, I don't care what or who you are Raven your mine tonight, you act like you own the place we both came from ECW but you didn't rule the were another one that the management put out there to use as a forget about coming to the ring acting like you rule the place because the Extreme Revolution is going to use ECW style on all of the four of you in the ring on won't forget it either because your going to be in pain for a very long time..but don't worry..we'll send you a get well card...

..Lance Storm, Trinity, Francine and myself are ready to represent the Extreme Revolution and if for some reason we don't win, then we will not give up with trying to spread the violence throughout this federation because it's what were here to do...and that's what we are going to do...So go FUCK YOURSELVES!

Justin Credible then flips off the crowd and then leaves the ring to go get interviewed.

Michael Cole's standing backstage with Justin Credible as he waits to get an interview with him, Michael goes and asks the first question.

M.C.: Justin Credible I'm going to be honest with you and I hope that you don't get offended or angry by any of my questions..

Justin Credible: Ask the fucking questions, worry about the pain later..

M.C: Pain? [shakes head] okay Justin Credible you are going to be in the Eight Way Torando Tag Hardcore Match tonight..with your fellow members of Extreme Revolution Francine, Trinity and Lance Storm what are your thoughts on the match..

Justin Credible: What the fuck do you think my thoughts are, it's a way to get violent and that makes me happy it might even make me smile [laughs] but that's not likely going to happen when I'm standing next to you, but my thoughts I like the match, I think it's a fucking great idea for a match all of us in the ring at the same time and being Hardcore well it almost turns me on [laughs] the feeling of hitting someone over the head is such great pleasure..

M.C: OKay Justin Credible, what about your opponents...

Justin Credible: You fucking weren't paying attention to me in the ring cause I already mentioned them all but since your a fucking idiot who doesn't do his job at all, I'm looking forward to kicking ass in the ring on Showdown..the competition is The Undertaker..but the woman are no competition especially little kitty litter..The Kat..[laughs]..

M.C: Do you know what you just did? do you know what The Kat is capable of..

Justin Credible: I don't give a fuck what she's capable of, that bitch is power hungry and she's in the ring with me, She might be one of the people who sign my check but that doesn't mean anything to me once that bell rings....she's fucking mine...cause I know the way she thinks, she has all the power and she wants more of it, so she's going to come to the ring thinking she's unstoppable but she's not..and she's going to find that out when I piledriver her head into the mat and attempt to break her scrawny little neck..[smiles]..

M.C: What about her husband..The Lord Of Darkness..The Undertaker..he's not someone you want to make angry...and if your in the ring with all of them..he's not going to allow you to hurt his wife..what then? are you going to go through The Undertaker to get a chance to get The Kat..

Justin Credible: Your really fucking smart Cole...real fucking smart...the Bitch has no right acting as if she owns every superstar here and I'm not owned by no one except for myself so she can go fuck herself if she thinks she's going to get the chance to order me around...and that's what I will do Cole, get through her Husband and then get her..[laughs].and show her who's got the power..

M.C: I think you should watch what your saying about The Kat, because she has spies everywhere around this arena and the showdown camera men follow the superstars everywhere they there is no privacy..but you shouldn't be saying those's too dangerous..

Justin Credible then goes and looks Cole in the eyes and then pushes him against the wall.

Justin Credible: Are you confident that your not in danger by standing next to me? because I could fucking change your outlook right less then a few seconds..that's if your sure..

M.C: [chokes] no, there's no problem here, I'm not confident that I'm safe here with you but you wanted to get interviewed so here I there anything else you wanted to say to the fans, or about your match..

Justin Credible: The fans out there who don't know what a real wrestler is like, can go fuck themsevles, and as far as Lizzy Borden, The Kat, Raven and The Undertaker go..they can go fuck themselves too, because The Extreme Revolution on showdown is getting the win over The Ministry...whether they like it or not..tough shit..were winning...

Justin Credible then lets go of Cole and throws him to the wall and walks away.

Justin Credible walks into the cafeteria and notices that April Hunter is sitting in the corner flipping out on one of the caterers as Justin smiles and then walks over to her.

April Hunter then turns around and looks at Justin and then punches the caterer to end the argument and sits down at the table and so does Justin Credible.

April Hunter: Justin, that bitch wasn't agreeing with me that the food I had to...

Justin Credible: I liked it..

April Hunter: Good, so did I..[smiles]..

April Hunter: Your match is going to be great, I can't wait to see you rip the hair out of The Kat's head..[laughs] and that Lizzy Borden too, piledrive her for me will ya...don't forget to do the same to The Undertaker and Raven we have to show the entire roster that we are here to cause damage and we'll start with damaging one of the top stables..The Ministry..this is going to be a big step for Extreme Revolution..

Justin Credible: That's fucking right, The Ministry knows they are one of the top stables so they are going to try and knock out their competition and obviously we are their new competition so they are scared so they want to fight but they don't know we are ready to fuck them up..

April Hunter: yeah we's too bad I went into the Tables Battle Royal match..those fucking barbies...they threw me through a table..I'm a bit sore but I'll get over it soon enough and then go after each and everyone of the bitches and make them pay...

Justin Credible: You showed that your here to stay and they are going to just be patient heal the back up and then go after them..

April Hunter: yeah I know, it's too bad cause I wanna kick some ass..tonight...

Justin Credible: you'll get your shot at them, all of them and I'll want to be there to watch them suffer...[smiles]..

April Hunter: Yeah, I know you will..

Justin Credible then gets up from the table and grabs a water and then looks at April Hunter wanting to ask her something.

Justin Credible: Have you seen Tommy?

April Hunter: Last time I checked he was back at the lockeroom..

Justin Credible: I gotta go talk to him, we'll talk later alright..

April Hunter: sure..

Justin Credible then walks away from April Hunter and heads to the Extreme Revolutions lockeroom.

Justin Credible then sees Tommy Dreamer standing outside of the Extreme Revolution's lockeroom as Justin Credible then walks up to him and punches him in the shoulder as Tommy stands there still as a statue as Justin Credible then backs up.

Justin Credible: Stop fucking doin that, I hate when you do's scares the shit out of me..dammit would you move please..

Tommy Dramer: Now there you go Justin, you have a nice side..and one that can get scared sometimes so your not indestructable are you...

Justin Credible: I never said that I was, Oh Shut the fuck up Tommy you always do that to people..make them say things they don't mean to..

Justin Credible then laughs as he goes into Extreme Revolutions lockeroom and sits down on the couch as Tommy comes in and leans on the one end of the doorway.

Justin Credible: You know, I can't wait for this match tonight, I'm gonna enjoy this match..tearing them apart..especially that arrogant bitch..The Kat...she deserves to be beaten up..

Tommy Dreamer: Yeah your right, but don't get carried away in there because you have your family to protect..and you know what I mean by getting carried away.I'm warning you Justin, don't do it..

Justin Credible: Don't do what? [grins]

Tommy Dreamer: Don't even fucking think about it, dammit you know you would get fired if you tried anything so don't fucking try it okay this isn't ECW you won't get away with it..

Justin Credible: Okay I won't try anything, not until after the match..

Justin Credible then hurries to his feet and moves out of the way as Tommy Dreamer then goes after him and then pins him against the wall.

Tommy Dreamer: Man, don't even try it don't need to loose your job..and we need you here..the smart one in there..[knocks on his head] stop fucking around..

Justin Credible: I know how much you want this to work, how much we all want to prove and I was only fucking around, sorry man...

Justin Credible then goes and looks at Tommy Dreamer standing in the corner of the room.

Justin Credible: Tommy, I gotta go check something out, I'll be back later okay..

Tommy Dreamer: Alright man, later..

Justin Credible: Later..

Tommy Dreamer: don't try anything while your gone..

Justin Credible: I know, I won't [laughs]

Justin Credible then goes and walks down the hallway as Tommy Dreamer curses at the doorway and Justin Credible laughs.

[The scene ends]