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)))Nightbird Radio(((

Yo, here are some rough demos from a concept i'm working on at tha moment (or should be) the mad descent into dante's infernal pit of tha lovelorn, th' realization that she ain't there no more either break'n or makin' ya crazier than a bear full'a bees, ah, sheee-iiiiiit kids, love lost don't hurt, it tortures y'r bones, kills or "cures" ya, y'r born, y' die, in between y' multiply, then tha next generation do it all over again-kick tha apes off of tha rock'n call yaself king'a tha castle I reckon....enjoy.

)))Nightbird Radio Demos(((

1) Binary Love.
2) Spiralogy.
3) Painting Flowers.
4) Sometimes.
5) Poetry in Motion.
6) Just the Way I Am.
7) Eternity Was Here.
8) That Song.
9) Nightbird Radio.
10) Down the Line.

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