Welcome to my site, I hope it is an interesting visit.

On my site you will find some wireless networking info based around my experiences with Antennas, Network adapters, software and whatever else I find might be usefull to someone.

I have built numerous antennae for the 2.4GHz band, or 802.11x, and have had a ball making, testing and refining the designs.

You'll find stuff about my experiences with Slackware LINUX, namely getting it set up on my Toshiba Satellite 4090XCDT laptop and my old Pentium II box for the wireless access point to hook into. Theres also a bit about my obsolete computer collection including Microvax 3400's, Dick Smith VZ200 & 300's a Tandy Model 2000, Tandy TRS80, Osborne portable computer, Apple IIc and the others I forgot.

Some misc stuff also appears whenever I get a chance to document it such as a >$10 accoustic coupler for your laptop.

It'd be nice to know what you think about it. You can email me here.


01 October 2004

Added some more antennas to the antennas page. Added a pic of the wg311 disassembled to the cardmods page.

30 August 2004

Added some maps to the wlan projects page.

18 August 2004

Fixed a heap of wrong way slashes for the linux ppl -thanks rockinrobstar! also fixed a few errors in the html source.

18 August 2004

Changed the site totally and added a fair amount of content.

17 August 2004

Started designing a new feed for my parabolic. I think my original feed is oriented the wrong way!

16 August 2004

Made this site

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