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Harry Potter Fic by AineRose

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Innocent Eyes: Petunia POV after OotP as she watches her nephew and son.

Dudley's Diary:1996: Yes, he really is that stupid! But sweet, too!

Michael Corner is a Git!: Ginny POV. He is a git, isn't he!

Phoenix Tear:Albus Dumbledore had never been gladder to reach the sanctuary of his office.Although the world was celebrating wildly, although stars and fireworks exploded outside his office, although students whooped and cheered in the corridors, he had never felt worse in his life.The defeat of Voldemort was, indeed, a reason for celebration. Unfortunately, the people who most deserved to be celebrating couldn’t...

Dinner Courage: My attempt at a very, very short Lily/James. Also features Sirius and Remus!

Darkness Takes Light After New Moon Rising Oz is travelling alone, but one day he stumbles across a Death Eater 'party' and is thrown into a whole new world of discovery and pain. Buffy Crossover. Oz/Ginny friendship, Wilow/Oz. PG-13

An Cleadhaimh Soluis- It can be rather confusiong to wake up in a hospital bed, and be told that you're supposed to be dead, along with you're husband and his snoring best mate. And Lily Potter is confused (And she's not the only one)! Post OotP. LJ. Mild RHr and HG.

How to make a Venus Fly-Trp blush-My Lily/James story. Also features Moony, Wormtail and Padfoot! PG



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