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The Aneiki Story

What would you do if one of the biggest music stars in the world gave you a call and said, "Let's create something special"? This is ANEIKI (pronounced ann-ee-kee)

The voice of ANEIKI belongs to Jennifer Waite.

She's a young artist who can provide an answer to our question. Back in 1998, Brisbane-based Jennifer was approached by Savage Garden's Daniel Jones, with the idea of collaborating on some new songs. The pair had met a year earlier and the singer/songwriter, who was working on her solo debut album at the time, so impressed Jones that when he started thinking about a side-project from his superstar gig, Jennifer was the first person he called.
A third member soon joined their party. Producer/DJ/songwriter Grant Wallis had worked with Jennifer in the past, and it was obvious as soon as he came on board that all the players were in place. ANEIKI was born.

In September of 2000, the trio, with Daniel playing the role co-songwriter, locked themselves away in Sprinkler Studios, Stockholm. With help from the Sprinkler crew (whose CV includes work with The Corrs, Ace Of Base), they came home three months later with 15 songs, ready to be tucked and trimmed into the debut ANEIKI album, 'Words In Place Of Objects'. The first single from that album, entitled 'Pleased to Meet You' instantly became the most added song to Australian radio playlists that week.

From the first listen, you'll realise that 'Pleased to Meet You' is not your ordinary debut single from a new act. This is a world-class recording, destined to impact charts around the globe. Rich, sophisticated, seemingly joyous, but actually scorched by loss, 'Pleased To Meet You' was also the first release from Daniel's own label, Meridienmusik and spent 11 weeks in the Australian Top 40 chart from its debut and won Aneiki the coveted Breakthrough Songwriter of the Year Award at the 2002 APRA Awards. Their second single, 'Superhero' was released in October 2001 and was chosen by Network Ten to be the song behind the ad campaign for the new series of the top rating US show "Charmed". Two more singles "15 Minutes" and "Even Without You" hit the airwaves before the release of the album "Words In Place Of Objects" in Septmber 2002.

all information above has been taken from the official site of *aneiki*

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