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Excerpt from the chapter:

SMILE – SPOOK-- SMILE by William Dean Ross

It was just another long week of giving 3 hour seminars to law firms across the state. It was Friday; we were worn out and on our way home. Just moments before, I sat outside the country club in the car reading an ancient mystical book called the Zohar, before I started having strange illusions and thoughts. At first, I suspected a psycho-reaction from the book was having some mental impact on me. I had highly unusual delusions and feelings of extreme anger. As a defensive reaction, I went inside the Country Club to the bar and got an aspirin. The unusual thoughts pounded in my head. I had a glass of wine, but still had the thoughts. In another instinctive move, I went below ground to the golfers' locker room surrounded by the metal lockers. Almost instantly the crazy thoughts went away. I then went back upstairs and the thoughts came back, so I went back down and they went away again. I recalled a white van with two men in it parked next to me about 3 hours earlier, but they never left and were still out there. So, I went upstairs again, this time going outside toward the white van. When they saw me, they took off. The van had government license plates. and looked like the type in FEM motor pools.

When the seminar was over, I packed up all of the books, video and slide projector equipment and we left for a hotel. All of the sudden now, I started getting dizzy and going into some kind of a trance. We heard a loud crash and the car was wobbling off the road. We had just wrecked. The white van at the Country Club just passed by---from behind us. I remember the passenger in sunglasses; he was just smiling. After pulling out my fender, getting a ticket and filing out an accident report, we went straight to a hotel. That night the TV would not work right. I disconnected the cable and tried local stations with homemade rabbit- ears made out of aluminum foil; it worked.

We always carried lots of aluminum foil to cover the windows and make head helmets inside our shower caps to protect us from most of the mind control microwave transmissions they hit us with while trying to sleep. We had a cute, portable, snap-together canopy made out of aluminum, space-age blankets and plastic pvc pipes. The hotel cleaning ladies thought we were just kinky, Star Trek fans. They always left the room smiling. After I quit the government's occult-black, science project, my wife wrecked the car at least a dozen times in one year. We always heard loud, high-pitched pulses in the middle of the night. My wife lost all of the hearing in one ear and the best specialists in this state are still puzzled about this. In some Extremely Low Frequency (ELF) Mind Control books (that show the actual patents), diagrams or pictures illustrate a small area above the ear as the target of directional microwave radiation. My wife's MRI and X-rays verified that some broken arteries were found in that exact same location. In the skyscraper in which she works, her office is in direct line of sight with the antennas on the Federal Building, located in downtown in Charleston, West Virginia.

Neighbors have seen strange cars picking up people out on these lonely country roads near our house. We have filmed black helicopters and Cessna planes dive bombing our house for hours a day, day after day and year after year. The police and TV media totally ignored our pleas for help. TV-8 and TV-3 did air some of my UFO film footage on the local news. All of our computers, ham radios, TVS and electronic burglar alarms have been destroyed by some force . . . repeatedly and just as quickly as I would replace them. Poisonous snakes were put into the attic of our house and crawled throughout the walls. Men from a termite killer company killed a few of them; I killed the rest over two summers. The roof and windows to the house have been ripped open from “them” trying to bypass the burglar alarm systems. They were putting something on my steering wheel and door handles that made me deathly ill. With the aid of a radiation meter counter, we found that a radio-isotope had been placed under our house. With this box placed under your bed or under your car seat, you can get cancer in the closest exposed area.

Several times, men acting like carpenters or door-to-door salesmen would stop by, trying to get me cornered in order to enact some harm to me; my dogs always saved me. One outfit put two men behind the house, one of these fellows sneaking up while the other emerged from his vehicle in an attempt to hold my attention. A passenger had a sawed-off shotgun in his lap. My dogs, in addition to my two previously hidden, semi-auto pistols, walked them all down to the road. They had a white Chevy Corsica---a standard issue to Russians, Germans, and India Gurka mercenaries who are here, “purportedly”, with the Partners for Peace and Project Harmony---U.N. projects. Some of these Peterson Mountain, M.J.T.F. camp assassins are doing the dirty work for the intelligence communities now. These types always recycle and return to their respective countries, so the murderers are very difficult to find, if at all.

Non-lethal weapons from a spray can were administered to our cars. We were going broke having new brakes and new engines put into our vehicles. My wife's office at work had a mysterious smell that killed big plants and shut the entire wing down for months. Experts stripped it and were baffled as to the origin of this scenario. Out in California we drove along the Pacific Coast Highway---overlooking 300 foot cliffs to jagged ocean rocks below---almost crashing a thousand times as we drove 100 miles down from Shasta Mountain to San Francisco with absolutely no brakes. They had been tampered with one night when we stayed at the Russian Fort Ross Motel. The rental car company would not send somebody up the treacherous twisting coast mountain road to help us. I filmed this hectic ride all the way.

When we got to San Francisco, we swapped cars before checking into our Hotel on the beach-boardwalk; we then went to eat. At dinner, three (3) men sat in the booth next to us. One looked as bad as they come with a big scar down his cheek. He just sat there giving me a killer's look. The other two intellectual types just kept on smiling. A couple of times federal agents tried to accuse me of felonies, and just by luck I had witnesses and alibis and documentation to prove my innocence. For six years, everyone from federal agents to state troopers to rent-a-cops followed me everywhere I went. The same people followed us to Cancun, Mexico, and to Hawaii no less than three (3) times, appearing on five ( 5) different islands. Sure enough, they were always smiling.

At this hotel, something strange appeared on the TV. It was a head---like a dark host and in a garbled voice it called my name. During the night, we heard drilling in the floor above us as we came back in from a late dinner; they thought we were still gone. Out in the hallway, I turned and up the elevator went a guy with a' spike-mike.' Because I am an ex-electronic technician, I spotted it right off. I looked out the lobby window and there sat his security and surveillance business van. I went out to check the car, and in the snow on the windshield wiper, was a hand -written note that gave two Clarksburg numbers for the FBI. The next morning when I went down for coffee and donuts at the breakfast bar, a couple of guys in suits just smiled belligerently at me. When I went back to the room, a couple going into the room next to us had the same sneaky smile. Other people that had Masonic and intelligence connections---who live close to us--- knew every word said in our house. I found the bug on a neighbor's telephone pole, transmitting at 50 meters. The telephone company rushed to retrieve it before I could get it myself. Thus, they were cooperating with the NSA, Masonic Black-Operations Department, thinking it was a DEA drug investigation, of course. The telephone company employee simply put the “bug” in his pocket and drove off smiling.

We have been mentally, physically, spiritually and economically violated, assaulted and terrorized by the United States Government---continually, both day and night. I still have chronic insomnia; I fear the night and am without a career or disability now. I have to help and protect my wife with her on-the-road job, selling professional liability insurance. Our privacy has been violated so bad that I have just quit having sex. I am not sure who is watching or how they are watching, but I am sure they are just smiling. Last May, a farmer neighbor called and warned me that three (3) black, unmarked helicopters were dropping off men in camo-fatigues out on the hill behind me. This went on for a month during wild turkey, spring, gobbler hunting season. The horses, cattle, and my dogs pretty much pointed out the exact locations where they were laying down---in the tall hay and grass of my back pasture. They laid out there for hours each day, doing something, as buzzards swooped down over them thinking they were dead. After about four (4) weeks of this nonsense, I finally went out with a rifle and walked toward them. They back crawled into the dark woods.

That “hit”, dry-run attack drill---whatever you want to label it---was initiated after I had a few on-line arguments with the Future World Society, World Federalist Association and Club Of Rome -“One World Order”- think-tank, spin-doctors hanging out on the Internet web's foremost “Mind Control Forum” posting list. Famous New Age authors, progressive futurists with Black Operations connections put the hammer down on me because I was talking too much. While planting my garden, a small engine aircraft swooped down so low that I could have hit it with a rake or hoe. They have used on-line, silent, mind control to have people I know ask me incriminating questions on the phone. My relatives and neighbors suddenly turned against us and accused us of everything under the sun. None of them have spoken to us for years since the inception of these accusations. My wife and I had horrible silly arguments and my dogs were suddenly fighting each other to the death. Birds would no longer land in our yard; we heard strange humming, roaring and buzzing noises all of the time. This isn't the half of it all! How much more do I have to take before I snap? Oh . . . you could just see the pilot's and co-pilot's faces as they zoomed down on us; they were just smiling! So remember, when you've had enough and the game is over, do as they do, and while doing it . . . just keep on smiling.

Continued in Volume One
Piercing the Veils of Deception


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