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More in-depth material. A focus falls on alien abuctees; many of their stories have never before been published. Scalar weapons data is a mind-boggler as is the total mind control info. "Other Worldly Creatures" (Bigfoot et al) and unbelievable secret weaponry. A surreal NJ vortex with interdimensional pics is presented, plus a captive Gov't. Scientist reveals all. Mormonism is exposed and reincarnation is addressed. This is a truthful "X-files" Extravaganza.

Excerpt from the chapter:
By Sandy Nichols

(Author who appeared on Network TV along with four others, telling their stories)

Blown by the winds of uncertainty,
The night grows cold and dark,
Eyes are watered by memories that never came to pass,
Unfulfilled dreams that stir thoughts of those things
That died long ago,
A shadow of a fool on Life's grand stage,
The specter of a ghost that slowly fades from sight,
Haunted lonely echoes of once grand schemes,
Carries the heart away to some forgotten land . . .

The above words are the first verse of a poem I wrote a few years back. For several lonely months I wallowed in self pity wondering why my lot in life was the way it was. I knew that failed dreams and aspirations had always been a very intricate part of my life, but I had hoped and prayed for a much different future. Yet, in the furthest recesses of my thoughts, I wondered if this new future was ever meant to be. In my mind not much had changed since the summer of 1998 when I had felt and believed that my Higher Power wanted me to share my story. My story was not the typical status quo struggle of normal human adversity, but a story that reached out from the mortal confines of human existence to the outer most reaches of the Universe. It dealt with contact between humans and alien type beings. This contact came in the form of abductions, where stealth and secrecy were employed to steal away not just my physical body but my soul as well. For the most part I abhorred these abductions. Physical pain, emotional stress and confusion were par for the course. Sharing as a child brought looks and whispers of “too vivid an imagination or something is not quite right with Sandy.” In time I quit sharing. I denied that the abductions were occurring and buried them so deep into my subconscious that it would be another thirty years before they would resurface to torment me once again. When abductions did occur, during these thirty years of denial, I wrote them off to one status quo explanation after another. They continued for years on end, and they still continue to this day.

. . . . As I lay down on the couch, I was nervous, but Pat's soothing words and low key tone of voice helped to alleviate the last of my fears about doing hypnosis. As her words continued, I felt myself getting more and more relaxed. In time I found myself immersed within a dark void. This void was similar to standing in a cave. I could feel the presence of something, but I didn't know what it was. Letters, numbers and symbols begin to move toward me from the far side of this void at an ever increasing rate. I was not scared, but more mesmerized by what was transpiring. Then in an instant, I was transported from this void and deposited in another. I could feel that this new void had defined boundaries, “walls.” A green mist began to form and float lazily in the air, and then it reformed into a curtain. Behind this thin, green veil I could discern a humanoid figure moving about. Then I felt like my senses were being grotesquely distorted. I imagined this humanoid figure to have a large, pear-shaped head with enormous black eyes. Slowly as the green veil began to dissolve, I realized that what I was seeing was in fact real. This creature, for lack of a better word to describe “it,” was humanoid in shape, but “its” head was grotesquely distorted, not my senses.

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