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More in-depth material. A focus falls on alien abuctees; many of their stories have never before been published. Scalar weapons data is a mind-boggler as is the total mind control info. "Other Worldly Creatures" (Bigfoot et al) and unbelievable secret weaponry. A surreal NJ vortex with interdimensional pics is presented, plus a captive Gov't. Scientist reveals all. Mormonism is exposed and reincarnation is addressed. This is a truthful "X-files" Extravaganza.

Excerpt from the chapter:

(Author: Colonel Philip J. Corso)

By Sean Casteel


. . . . "As General Twining had suggested in his report to the Army Air Force," Corso said, "'foreign technology' was the category to which research on the alien artifacts from Roswell was to be delegated. Foreign technology was one of the great catch-all terms, encompassing everything from researching French air force engineering advances on helicopter blades to captured Russian MIGs flown in from Cuba. Foreign technology was the absolute perfect cover. All I had to do was figure out what to do with the stuff I had."

According to Corso, he eventually did figure out where to take much of the debris for reverse engineering. Companies like Bell Labs, IBM, Dow Corning and Hughes Aircraft subsequently managed to create new technological breakthroughs that gave the U.S. a decided edge in a projected military response to the aliens.

Among the products that Corso says resulted from the Roswell debris were:
1. Image intensifiers, which ultimately became "night vision"
2. Fiber optics
3. Super-tenacity fibers
4. Lasers
5. Molecular alignment metallic alloys
6. Integrated circuits and micro-miniaturization of logic boards
7. HAARP (High Altitude Research Project)
8. Project Horizon (an attempt to sell the government on the necessity of building a military base on the Moon to compete with both the Russians and the aliens.)
9. Portable atomic generators (ion propulsion drive)
10. Irradiated food
11. Third Brain guidance systems (based on the headbands reportedly used by the aliens)
12. Particle beams ("Star Wars" anti-missile energy weapons)
13. Electromagnetic propulsion systems
14. Depleted uranium projectiles

Corso had access to most of the preeminent scientists in fields related to the development of the technology listed above. But one is forced to question whether he was telling the absolute truth in regard to two scientists who had never publicly acknowledged that they knew anything at all about the Roswell crash. One of those scientists is Dr. Wilbert Smith, who, according to Corso, wrote a memo in 1950 that urged the government of Canada to investigate the nature of alien technology that the United States had retrieved from crashed extraterrestrial vehicles.

Corso said that his commanding officer, General Trudeau, had joked that although Smith knew that we had acquired technology at Roswell, he didn't really know what it was. "I can't wait to see his face when you open your briefcase in front of him, Phil," the general said, thinking about how his old friend had always wanted to know the specifics of what he had secreted away in 1947. The problem is, and this is also true of statements Corso makes about Professor Herman Oberth later in the book, there was never any public statement made by either scientist about their having any prior knowledge at all about Roswell. Even though they spoke in contexts where they were withholding nothing, the idea of their having known about the crash or the technology that later came from it does not appear anywhere in the public record.

Corso also recounts conversations with the likes of then Attorney General Robert F. Kennedy and J. Edgar Hoover, both of whom were in dire need of the intelligence he had to offer. He even claims to have been the person who leaked the buildup of Russian nuclear missiles in Cuba to the press in October of 1962, thus creating the Cuban Missile Crisis. President Kennedy had been refusing to take action about the Russian missiles being shipped to Cuba, Corso tell us, because he was being fed false intelligence reports by the CIA, whose real loyalty was to the KGB. By his own account, it was Corso who had stepped in and saved the day.

In any case, after many years of sweat and strain, good old American know-how eventually led to that list of 14 "inventions" mentioned earlier. Ronald Reagan's courage in fighting for the Strategic Defense Initiative against a great deal of political resistance led to the country's having a viable military defense in outer space against an alien invasion. Corso maintains that the implementation of the "Star Wars" project led to the end of the Cold War. And, while neither Reagan or Chairman Mikail Gorbachev said so publicly, the U.S. and Russia now present a united front against the common alien enemy. The paranoia that had existed between the two countries since the end of World War II had now given way to a determination to fight together for the sake of mankind as a whole.


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