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Excerpt from the chapter:

By: Rayelan Allan

of Rumor Mill News

Within days of the death of Princess Diana, Conspiracy Nation published an article titled “Who controls Diana, Controls the World.” While most of the world was in shock in the days immediately following the death of Lady Diana, writer Rayelan Allan got right on the story and reported the deeper circumstances. Her blockbuster report, “Who Controls Diana, Controls the World,” was issued only days after the tragic automobile “accident." It became an instant classic. Robert Anton Wilson, in his encyclopedic catalog of conspiracy theories, Everything Is Under Control, called Rayelan's article “the most intricately interesting scenario' to emerge. Starting in May of 1996, I received ongoing updates on Princess Diana from the European desk of a major intelligence agency. The information which was passed to me laid out the plans which the International Elite, a.k.a. the New World Order (NWO), had in mind for her once she was fully and legally divorced from Charles. In addition to information about Princess Diana, my source at the European desk provided me with regular updates of President Clinton, John F. Kennedy, Jr. and Hillary Clinton. The information was so amazing that I created a magazine in order to share it. The magazine, Rumor Mill News (, has evolved into one of the Internet's most popular conspiracy magazines. On June 6, 1996, Rumor Mill News released the following story.

Princess Di in Chicago Hunting an American Husband – NEWS ADVISORY WARNING – Wives of wealthy and powerful men: Be on the look out!! The husband she gains may be your own! Reliable sources from the super market tabloids have confirmed our earlier breaking story that Di has her eyes set on being the First Lady of America ... According to these sources, the Princess of Wales has come to the United States in search of an American husband who will help her forget the pain and suffering she endured while living in the royal palaces and partaking of her fairytale life. Wives and girlfriends beware. It is rumored that sources close to the top of the invisible world government have concluded that Princess Di has the charisma and power to squelch all ugliness that would be involved in your divorce, accidental death or unfortunate suicide. If you have an inkling that your man may be the intended new husband of the Princess, it would behoove you to divorce and quickly disappear. Unless you want to end up on a mountainside like Ron Brown.

Within 24 hours of the release of the Rumor Mill News' story on Diana, the San Francisco Chronicle ran a story in it's gossip column titled, “Di Charms Windy City – Di in Chi-town.” The article went on to describe Diana's visit to Chicago. It also gave the names of two of the three men she had danced with. Phil Donahue and Roger Wilkie were named, but the anonymous third fellow was never named. Who could the anonymous dance partner have been? Bill Clinton? Jay Rockefeller? George W. Bush? Maybe it was a playboy from Hollywood named Emad Fayed. Or could the anonymous suitor have been the handsome publisher of George magazine, the Prince of America, John F. Kennedy, Jr.? In the June issue of Rumor Mill News we presented an in-depth analysis of the breakup of the marriage of Prince Charles and Princess Diana. In the series of articles, we also presented information showing the connection between the royal family and the international bankers. We discussed the feud between the Rothschilds and the Rockefellers, and we explored the connection between the Rockefeller family and President Bill Clinton. We can summarize by saying that international bankers are trying to merge the U.K. and the U.S. as the first step in creating a New World Order with One Government ruling everything. To accomplish this, they wanted to use Princess Diana and her children; both the born and unborn.

Diana's “handlers” had decided that her popularity would have brought back the “mythic” Camelot days of the Kennedy years. A Royal Princess in the White House would have been the first step to turning the Presidency into a royal throne perpetuated through bloodline rather than ballot box. By the time William would become King of England, one of Diana's newly born American children would become an elected official, and well on his or her way to becoming President of the United States. In the same issue, Rumor Mill News presented the short list of American men that the New World Order had chosen for Diana. Diana would be allowed to choose her new husband from three men that had been handpicked for her. Each man represented a powerful New World Order family: Jay Rockefeller and George W. Bush represented their families respectively. The other candidate was Bill Clinton. All three men were married. Whoever the lucky man was, his wife would have been as unfortunate as her husband was lucky. Rumors have circulated in Arkansas since the time Bill Clinton's mother was born that she was the illegitimate daughter of Winthrop Rockefeller. This would explain how a back-water hillbilly from Hope, Arkansas ended up as a Rhodes Scholar, Governor of Arkansas and finally President of the United States. However, Clinton was angry with the Rockefellers because they had chosen to marry a legitimate Rockefeller to Diana. He turned his back on his own blood family, and defected to the enemy camp – the Rothschilds. Diana had a mind and a heart of her own. The short list of husbands was not agreeable to her. Her first choice for a husband was John F. Kennedy, Jr. On July 20, 1996, Rumor Mill News received an update from a source in Chicago. We were told that Diana's visit to the windy city was actually a clandestine meeting with Rothschild bankers. It appeared that the Rothschilds had bought the hand of the princess and would marry her to a man of their choice. Now it became clear why President Clinton had defected and joined the Rothschilds. Would Diana have been happy with Bill Clinton, or was Diana pressuring the Rothschilds to choose John Kennedy, Jr.?

On Tuesday, September 24, 1996, President Clinton was in New York signing the Comprehensive Nuclear Test Ban Treaty. This meeting had been planned for months, and the President could not get out of it. Knowing this, Hillary made sure that Princess Diana was invited to the White House on that day. The White House meeting between Hillary and Diana was only two days after the sudden, swift and secret marriage of John F. Kennedy, Jr. to Caroline Bessette. Could Hillary have been afraid that now that JFK, Jr. was no longer available, Diana would settle for Bill? At the White House breakfast, Hillary told Diana something that made her leave the United States immediately. What could Hillary have told Diana that would have made her turn and run? Maybe Hillary talked about Juanita Broderick, the woman who says Bill Clinton raped her. Maybe Hillary told her how Bill had killed Hillary's lover, Vince Foster. Diana understood this type of control. She believed Charles had ordered her bodyguard and best friend killed. Whatever Hillary said to Diana at that September White House meeting, Diana left the United States and never returned. Not only did she never return to the United States, she immediately began a relationship with the son of a powerful man whose disdain for the Royal Family matched her own. A MI-6 document shows that Diana began a relationship with Dodi Al Fayed in November of 1996, just days after the White House meeting with Hillary. Did Diana believe the Al Fayed family was powerful enough to protect her from whatever it was that Hillary had told her?

Continued in Volume Two
Piercing the Veils of Deception


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