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Out now! THE UNIVERSAL SEDUCTION Vol 3 -The most explosive book ever! 48 writers. New, more in-depth material on mind control, exclusive alien abuctees stories, (incl military involvement), mind-boggling weapons data, (incl scalar) and agendas for global mass subjugation. Includes "other worldly creatures", a captive Gov't.scientist revealing all and the frightening "illusional realities" created by aliens.This is a truthful "X-files"Extravaganza.

Excerpt from the PREFACE:


For those who do not recall the atrocities of World War II, many of the deeds and concepts presented in this section on mind control may seem unbelievable. The conquest dreams and mind control programs devised by Hitler, Mengele, Goebles and others were based on the presumption that the mind, in itself, was the greatest tool of creation. They felt the mind could be controlled---not only according to the way they chose, but also for whatever length of time the programmers so desired. The Nazis, in particular, were extremely fascinated dealing with children because their minds were already easy to control and alter. One wonders if programs were created that allowed the mind of the child to be totally wiped out and then entirely reprogrammed in order to create whatever kind of person the programmers coveted. Not a totally impossible supposition, especially considering the recent public apology by ex-President Clinton for governmental experiments conducted back in the 1930s wherein black prisoners were covertly given Syphilis as a lab experiment. In 1977, the 95th U.S. Congress opened hearings into reported abuses of a governmental mind control program called M-K Ultra. Is it possible that some of these Nazi-like mind control programs are still in operation today? The so-called experts may deny their existence, but remember that credentials do not determine whether something is true or not. In fact, credentials are often used to sustain an image of truth when, in essence, the truth may lie elsewhere.

If this field of inquiry is new to you, we would suggest that---although each chapter, as in other sections of "The Universal Seduction", stands on its own---you may wish to slowly warm up to the material and read the first two sections before proceeding more deeply into the subject matter. We have stated throughout these volumes that there are many who wish to discredit the authors of these works, yet they have not proven them wrong. However, we merely ask you to take the information and treat it as pieces of a puzzle. Hopefully, when all the puzzle pieces come together you will have the truth. It is highly recommended that as you read this section of "The Universal Seduction" that you keep in mind the Natural or Cosmic Law of Privacy, i.e., that every person is entitled to the sanctity of their own privacy (See Body/Mind/Spirit section at the end of the book for the Cosmic Laws). Also keep in mind this question: Would there have been a "war to end all wars" if the plans and programs of the Nazis would have been revealed to the German people and their allies beforehand?

Continued in Volume Two
Piercing the Veils of Deception


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