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By Joan d'Arc



Interestingly, this conclusion was arrived at separately some years after Jacobs made these comments at a 1988 conference. The worldwide showing of an alien autopsy on Fox TV on August 28, 1995 placed 'aliens' on center stage after decades of media silence on the subject. If you were lucky enough to see the original videotape, without the 'talking heads' who poked their opinions into the Fox Television version, you got to see a lot more of the original footage. The autopsy film was purportedly purchased by British businessman, Ray Santilli, from an 'anonymous' cameraman who claims to have taken the footage for the American government in 1947.

The mysterious circumstances surrounding the film's arrival on the UFO scene merits serious scrutiny in itself. The film footage appears to have been dissected as much as the 'alien' being, since parts of the footage were sold to Volker Spielberg, Ray Santilli's German financial backer. Spielberg has rescinded early offers to show his sections of the footage, which are rumored to be much more disturbing than what we've seen. Somewhere there must exist a complete copy of the most scrutinized film since Zapruder captured the killing of a president in 1963. Anachronistic concerns regarding objects seen in the film were addressed by researchers early in the investigation. Bell Telephone ascertained that they did make a "curly" telephone cord at the time this film was supposedly shot. The camera, film type and reel length are consistent with what might have been used by the military in 1947. The Filmo camera that was used would have had similar focus problems, since up-close focusing is difficult without through-the-lens viewing. Kodak representative Lawrence Cate has ascertained from a small piece of a print, leader only, that the codes on it were applied only in the years 1927, 1947 or 1967. Later nicknamed SUE, for Santilli's Unidentified Entity, the Roswell female alien caused quite a brouhaha with cries of it being a doctored-up human corpse or a human radiogenic mutant with severe hydrocephaly (water on the brain). The files at the Institute for Radiation Research at Hiroshima and Nagasaki indicate that nuclear radiation causes random malformations, burns, diseases of the nerves and birth defects in the offspring of those affected. Those birth defects would not consist of the addition of symmetrical appendages, that is, one extra well-formed digit on the hands and feet on this six-fingered alien. Nor would it cause water on the brain.

The Roswell Alien Autopsy film shows a small, hairless, six-fingered entity with an enlarged cranium and somewhat bloated stomach, perhaps due to body decomposition. The entity is lying on its back on a table while doctors, completely covered in white spacesuit-looking garb, perform a "routine" autopsy. With precision cutting instruments, they cut the skin and peel it back in a realistic manner, laying bare a body cavity filled with unfamiliar organs which are removed one by one. Doctors who have viewed this film claim that these organs are not comparable to the size, shape or locale of human body organs and have no human counterpart. Pathologist Cyril Wecht stated that the body is like none he's ever examined and called for a full-fledged scientific observation of the film with respect to the morphology of the body and the organs (UFO Magazine, Fall '95).


There are several disturbing qualities exhibited by the specimen named SUE. First, as the autopsy continues, the 'peel-off' black eye 'coverings' are removed to show white eyeballs set deep into the sockets with no apparent pupils. At one point we watched in amazement as the alien blinked. We kept going over and over that same section of the video, and even slowed it down, and we were sure the alien blinked! Another disturbing aspect of the Roswell alien is the absence of a navel, the insertion point for the umbilical cord which connects a mammalian fetus to its mother. Also disconcerting is the lack of nipples on an otherwise muscular chest which indicates presence of mammary glands. These details would certainly rule out objections that the cadaver is a doctored human corpse, but they also indicate that the entity did not "come into the world" in the manner in which mammals are born. How can a "humanoid" with physical characteristics as close to our own not share the basic characteristics of mammalian reproduction? There are a limited number of options: (1) it was "hatched" from an egg or larvae and is insect, reptilian or amphibian in origin, or (2) it is bio-engineered and, therefore, it is a cyborg; or (3) the alien greys are some combination of both of the above.

Another bothersome aspect of SUE's autopsy remains hearsay. I have seen the video in its entirety a few times and it is not clear where a crystal-like object is removed from the brain. This would be another indication, taken along with the previous two, that the entity is bio-engineered. Perhaps the sections of the footage owned by Volker Spielberg contain this enigmatic detail. It has been reported in UFO Magazine that several "still frames" of unreleased footage were shown at the International UFO Congress in Nevada. These frames are very detailed and are supposed to be released in the future. Perhaps these are the frames which purportedly show the brain crystal. Interestingly, Stanton Friedman has also noted that he was expecting to see something that he did not see in the film. He also had heard talk of an autopsy of a second alien which others had said was on the tape. He concludes: "One story is that Santilli sold this to a collector to make some quick money." (Friedman, 201) Friedman has concluded that the public was hoodwinked and the Roswell "alien" was, in fact, a hoax. He has had a very difficult time getting Santilli and others to corroborate the factual evidence. In addition, since the film is not continuous, he asserts, we don't know what took place when the camera wasn't running. Also, nothing in the film links the entity to the Roswell crash. Oddly, the surgeons in the film did not weigh or measure the organs as they removed them. Furthermore, no alien abductee has ever seen an alien gray with six fingers; the usual number is four or five. Friedman asserts that the Turner's Syndrome explanation is possible, except that this disease only strikes females, and this entity had no breasts. With regard to the segment of the tape which displays some type of beams with hand prints for six-fingered hands, Friedman comments: "These would not have been cheap to manufacture." (Friedman, 202)

In conclusion, all of the above qualities - large 'plastocene portals' (which may blink after death and which appear to be removable), lack of a navel and nipples, no stomach or intestines, and possibly a brain crystal - combine to suggest that the Roswell alien is a biological robot engineered with real protein-based tissue, flesh and 'blood' and a 'power pack' possibly set to hundreds of years, barring any unforeseen space/time accidents.

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