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Excerpt from the chapter:
Copyrighted with all rights reserved
By James Bartley

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This treatise is a detailed historical informational piece, enlightening the reader about the intricate workings of power mongers and those with whom they do business: politicians and military personnel, etc. Described herein are the machinations of those sometimes hidden characters that interact with the intelligence agencies to manipulate a situation to meet their desired ends. If you have never read a detailed account about how spies work in the world's arena, this piece reveals the surreptitious maneuverings of some infamous past undercover agents and how they stage-managed scenarios for their directors and/or puppet masters. You will be amazed to discover those heroes lauded in history books were, in fact, traitorous to the nth degree. The author states his opinion about the current Iraqi war, but let it be said here that this is written from his perspective. Another author may have a completely different viewpoint. For instance, if one considered Sadaam Hussein's regime as something bordering on a mini-Auschwitz, then perhaps the war could be considered a liberation for those innocents in Iraq. War is always atrocious and heinous because of the suffering of all involved, but remember the Second World War; would the Brits now be eating sauerkraut and living under an intolerable dictatorship bent on culling the world of the “undesirables”? There are always many aspects to any given situation and much is found in the middle, the gray matter. However, it's always good to garner many different perspectives. The historical facts are verifiable, as outlined in the treatise, and any student of history will relish the data that is so neatly laid out.

* * * * *

There is a dichotomy at work today between what your average person thinks is happening in the world compared to what is really going on. The average citizen of this formerly great Republic believes the propaganda churned out by the electronic and the print media. The people by and large are content with allowing the government to decide who their enemy is and why they are at war with them. I've grown weary of listening to the ignorant statements made by otherwise intelligent people about the nature of terrorism and the threat posed by Iraq's war machine. Not too long ago, I attempted to dissuade a young man in his early twenties from joining the military in a fit of misguided patriotism. I pointed out to him that he is not going to fight the Iraqis and the Taliban to 'save the world for democracy.' That is a childish and laughable notion that has been promoted by eminent Establishment Historians such as the late Stephen Ambrose, the official biographer of President Dwight D. Eisenhower. For about twenty minutes, I briefed him on the ways and means in which the U.S. and British governments built up Saddam Hussein's war machine.

I discussed the financing of Iraq through a U.S. Department of Agriculture agency known as The Commodity Credit Corporation (CCC). The CCC worked in conjunction with the Atlanta, Georgia branch of the Banca Nazionale del Lavoro (BNL) of Italy to provide billions of dollars worth of low interest loans to Saddam Hussein's regime for the ostensible purpose of purchasing grain and to promote new agricultural methods and equipment in Iraq's farming industry. Unfortunately, those loans (guaranteed by U.S. taxpayers if Hussein defaulted) were allocated by Hussein to finance his program to create Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD). Of course, the justification we've been given time and again to endorse another annihilation of Iraq and its people was to stop Saddam Hussein from creating Weapons of Mass Destruction! Never mind the Weapons of Mass destruction; the U.S. designed Cluster Bomb munitions sold to Iraq via CIA 'cutouts' (like Industrias Cardoen in Chile) via friendly third party countries such as Jordan meted out death and mutilation to countless Iranians during the long war between Iraq and Iran. Saddam Hussein has also utilized chemical weapons against the Iranians and the Kurdish people. In all likelihood, those chemical munitions came from American arsenals.

Ignorance and indifference to these issues has allowed these policies to continue unabated. All of it has been legitimized through repugnant jingoism, flag waving, fear mongering and outright falsehoods promoted by Establishment 'talking heads' on television, radio and the print/electronic media. The arming and financing of Iraq has been well documented by outstanding historians such as Alan Friedman, Peter Mantius and former U.S. Attorney General Ramsey Clark, just to name a few. These facts are well known within a segment of the world's population who---for whatever reason---seem resistant to the lies and propaganda that work wonders on most people.

I could tell that halfway through my little spiel I was losing my audience i.e., the aforementioned twenty-something kid who wanted to kill 'terrorists' in Iraq and Afghanistan. As far as the kid was concerned, I had become a tinkering bell or a gong, making sounds, but absolutely no sense whatsoever. You can hardly blame the kid for not being able to comprehend what I was telling him since his world view had been so warped and distorted by the schools and the media to the point that he wanted to travel halfway around the world and kill people who have never done him or his family any harm.

The ignorance of the kid was not at all unusual. Your average college student never gives non-governmental organizations (NGOs) like the Ford Foundation, the Rockefeller Foundation or the Carnegie Endowment a second thought. If anything, they regard them as philanthropic or charitable organizations that disburse grants to worthy causes and provide scholarships for promising students. That's the impression people are supposed to get when they think of a NGO. The truth has nothing to do with philanthropy and charity. To give just one sordid example: it was a $40,000 Grant from the Rockefeller Foundation that provided Dr. Duncan Ewen Cameron with the means to establish his Allan Memorial Institute at McGill University in Montreal. Dr. D. Ewen Cameron conducted mind control experiments at McGill University that left some of his hapless 'patients' in a vegetative state, unable to remember anything about their lives prior to being admitted to the hospital. Cameron's work was done at the behest of Allen Dulles, the director of the CIA.

In the recent past, I've had the opportunity to spend some time around young adults attending the University of California at San Diego (UCSD). I was dismayed and saddened by the state of obliviousness they were in regarding Iraqi Annihilation II and the so-called War on Terrorism. It's been my observation that the people who are the most ignorant about the New World Order and the coming One World Government are those who have spent too much time in the schools and have become over-educated, the latter term an oxymoron if there ever was one. Non-governmental organizations like the ones previously mentioned are primarily responsible for this state of obliviousness among students and graduates alike. I never finished college. I was a college dropout and I'm proud of it, no ticket punching for me. Let me give you an example of obliviousness: I asked one UCSD student if he had ever heard of Dr. Herbert York. He asked, "Is he the one they named 'York Hall' after?"

Dr. Herbert F. York was an assistant to Dr. Edward Teller, the so-called 'Father of the Hydrogen Bomb'. Dr. York was instrumental in the creation of a second nuclear weapons research and development facility at Livermore, California known as Lawrence Livermore Laboratory, and had served as lab director there. He held numerous defense advisory positions including Chief Scientist at the Advanced Research Projects Agency, the predecessor of the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA). Dr. York also helped found the Jasons, a high-level science advisory committee. He served on the President's Science Advisory Committee (PSAC) under Presidents Eisenhower and Johnson. He has been heavily involved in disarmament and global security issues. Dr. York, for a time, was the Chancellor of UCSD. Moreover, here is this kid attending UCSD and he doesn't even know who he is. Again, you can hardly blame the college students. Their teachers for the most part are as ignorant as they are.

College students are made to study pointless subjects like 'The Intellectual History of Europe.' What they should be studying is the linkage between current and past U.S. Administrations with Saudi financed terrorist networks via private investment houses like the Carlyle Group (of which former President George Bush was a board member) and the Bank of Credit and Commerce International (BCCI). The Carlyle Group is not only a private investment house, but also the world's 11th largest defense contractor. It is The Carlyle Group that managed the financial assets of the Saudi Bin Laden group. It is a supreme irony that the family of the "world's most wanted terrorist" (Osama Bin Laden) has profited from America's War on Terrorism. I don't believe for one second that Osama Bin Laden had anything to do with the destruction of the World Trade Center.

Before the Carlyle Group, the Saudi Bin Laden Group's finances were managed by BCCI. BCCI was established by a Pakistani named Agha Hasan Abedi who had connections with the Pakistani intelligence service ISI. Former Directors of Central Intelligence, Richard Helms and William Casey, both served as directors for BCCI. BCCI served as a nexus point linking Saudi financed terrorism, drug trafficking, arms deals, and even President 'Shrub' Bush's own company, Harken Energy. BCCI funded the 'Islamic Bomb' into existence by financing Pakistan's ef


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