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Excerpt from the chapter:

By Galen

There is so much more to sound than “meets the ear”. The sound we hear is actually energy that travels in waves, maintaining varying levels of frequency that have an affect on everything within audible range. All animate and inanimate objects existing in the physical realm are represented by sound and can be understood as well as interpreted in accordance to what they are called or named. Nearly 20 years ago I became aware of a “little known” ancient system developed by a group of mystics (around 500 BC) that had the ability to interpret sound into meaning by using a mathematical formulation. According to their theory, our names, given at birth, contain a numeric code that explains the “blue print” of our “being”. Literally, WHO we are and WHAT we attract to us is represented by HOW we SOUND. Every letter in our birth name contains a frequency that can be assigned a number that, when combined in different ways, represents (among other things) our Emotional parameters (the energy representing how we feel). By adding the total of our birth date (considered to be our intellectual path) to the number representing our emotional frequency (to be explained momentarily), there is a way to determine the activity that will provide us a means to find balance between our thoughts and feelings. I call this activity the Comfort Zone.

For all the skeptics (and skepticism is good), perhaps it would be helpful if I provided a brief background on my own spiritual evolutionary process. I was born on May 25, 1948. Astrologically I am Gemini, but more importantly, numerically and intellectually, I am a 7…5 + 25(2+5=7) + 1948 (1+9+4+8=22) 5+7+22=34, 3+4=7. In the system that I use, 7 is the energy representing the “seeker of truth”, the perceiver of multi-dimensionality, analytically designed to look beyond the “veil of illusions” (with a little practice). We currently exist in a realm of disinformation that's becoming more confusing as the 21st century continues to unfold. For the past several years I've had the opportunity to connect with a myriad of fellow “seekers” through the medium of talk radio and have been able to share the “secrets of the ancients” on a national scale. A common theme that seems to be developing among a growing number of my listening audience has to do with an uncertainty and dissatisfaction in their ability to find happiness and balance in life. For many, the misdirection began soon after their arrival into the world when well-meaning parents projected (verbally and emotionally) their own expectations on their unsuspecting newborns. Infancy is a most vulnerable stage when our senses are gathering and processing information and establishing (at an astounding rate) “truths” that will either help or hinder us in later life. At this early period of rapid growth, the mind is literally a “clean slate” upon which every event is imprinted indelibly, serving as a starting point in the lengthy journey of (potential) misdirection. The often-used term “mid life crisis” is actually a struggle that usually begins in our early to mid 30's between the imprinted conscious mind and the “Higher Self” vying for directional control of the human “vehicle”. What I've found to be a common thread in this internal struggle is that the further the individual is from their original Life Plan, the greater the occurrence of chaos in mid-life. Therein lies the challenge, to be successful in the “pursuit of happiness”. I may be able to shed some light on this universal dilemma through the use of numerics.

The next step in understanding the system involves a very basic explanation of how numbers correlate with energy. As stated earlier, each number (1 through 9, 11 and 22) possesses a “frequency” characteristic:
1 is the energy of independence, pioneering, and originality.
2 represents balance, intuition, and facilitation.
3 is the frequency of exuberance, ambition, and spotlight activity.
4 likes to keep things in order, hates surprises, and loves structure.
5 is the opposite of 4, dislikes repetition, loves movement and communication.
6 is the frequency of idealism, expectation, and a great sharer of information.
7 is the energy of investigation, multidimensional awareness and healing.
8 specializes in dealing with issues of power and delegation of authority
9 is the humanitarian whose automatic reflex is to serve and uplift.
11 is considered to be the Master Diplomat, Peacemaker
22 is the energy of the Master Carpenter, Caretaker.

Master energies are designed to operate in larger venues (bigger headaches) and are very charismatic (people magnets) by nature. Many world leaders and well-known celebrities have these energies in some aspect of their birth names or birth dates (that's why they're so popular).

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