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Excerpt from the chapter:


Karla Turner, PhD, in her book, 'INTO THE FRINGE' (Berkley Books, N.Y. 1992), describes in detail her work with two 'abductees', a husband and wife, who had allegedly experienced numerous alien encounters. Parts of the experiences---which were subconsciously suppressed by the couple---were retrieved through regressive hypnosis. As an example, most of their abduction experiences with the 'greys' involved the classic 'medical examinations'; however, the husband was convinced from his own observations that the 'Grey' aliens were attempting to genetically cross-breed humans and animals, such as cattle. At one point, the husband observed an unconscious woman, not his wife, 'cut open' from her chest to her abdomen while the greys apparently performed some operation on her reproductive organs, after which the cut was sealed with a laser-like device and the original incision scar disappeared. Semen was also extracted from the man and, he believes, it was injected into the unconscious woman AND into the 'cow' which was on another table or platform.

On one occasion, the husband saw a group of 'greyish' beings with 'faces' which he could not clearly distinguish. The grayish beings 'told' him that they were his 'ancestors', along with other confusing discourses about genetic 'pockets' and so on. He felt the creatures were not human and he had the distinct impression that they were manipulating and lying to him, and he TOLD them so. Another strange experience involved a 'dream' wherein the husband saw a fairly attractive blond 'woman' seductively motioning him over. He went towards her, and right when they were about to 'kiss', he 'saw' that beneath its disguise the being was actually some king of 'warty' and 'slimy' creature. (Could the creature have projected' this false image into his mind?) Also, was it attempting to excite him so that it could extract semen for genetic experiments?

Some male abductees have alleged that they are forced to copulate with 'something', often described as being partially or fully mechanical-like, or part humanoid-mechanical or of non-humanoid configuration . . . or participate in many other bizarre actions in order to extract semenic fluid, no doubt to be used for further 'breeding' experiments. Some of these men claim that the experience was terrifying, abusive and gave them little if any pleasure. One man stated that after his experience he had much more sympathy for women who were forced to go through the ordeal of being raped. Although MOST encounters with 'Nordics' or 'Blond' humans are clearly recognizable as being ongoing human-to-human encounters, a relative 'few' encounters betray the fact that non-human -- often reptilian 'alien' beings are at least in a some instances attempting to pass themselves off as 'Nordics'. When the 'husband' realized that the apparent 'blond girl' was actually something inhuman, he became horrified and began to resist, at which point he was 'injected' with something.

According to Dr. Turner, when he 'woke up' from the 'dream' (the husband alleged) the injection marks were visible and very real. One of the most interesting experiences described by this couple, however; was a 'dream' that was remembered by both the wife and the husband, with a little help with regressive hypnosis to establish total recall. In connection with this episode, which occurred some time after the abductions by the greys began, the husband and wife had a 'shared' experience wherein they recalled being taken in a white pickup and a helicopter to an unknown destination. The memories of this part of the event were largely surrealistic as if he/they were in a drug-induced state (This was later confirmed). Continued in Vol 3 of


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