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Excerpt from the chapter
(Dulce, N.M. underground secret base)


The following is a list of questions that were directed to former Dulce Base Security officer, Thomas Edwin Castello approximately a year before his death (or disappearance). They are followed by his responses:

QUESTION - When exactly was the upper human-occupied level of the Archuleta installation constructed?

ANSWER - I heard that Dulce was started in 1937-38 by the Army engineers, enlarged over the years. The most recent work was completed in 1965-66 to connect tunnels to the Page Arizona Base, site of one of the older underground facilities. The four corners base is called Perica. Most of the Native Americans Indians living in that area are aware of that base, and could tell us about the underground life forms that frequently are sighted near those communities, Bigfoot, etc. (Note: The references to the Dulce base here deal mainly with the upper levels, not the extreme lower levels which include vast natural caverns, and some believe, very ancient tunnel systems as well. This would include the tunnels illuminated by phosphorus pentoxide, again---that which the alien grays avoid. In fact, sources have informed us that some of the underground NORAD facilities of Colorado were constructed within already existing cavern systems, suggesting that Ray Palmer and Richard Shaver were correct when---as early as the mid-1940s---they wrote about the government's search for ancient underground cave and tunnel systems to be converted for their own use). -- Branton

Q. Are you familiar with the alleged developments made by the Rand Corporation of a highly efficient bore or mole machine, capable of melting rock using nuclear powered, Wolfram, graphite-tipped 'drill-cones'?

A. According to several senior maintenance workers, part of it was blasted by nuclear devices in the sixties. There are sections, like the shuttle tunnels, that were bored by an advanced tunneling machine that leaves the tunnel walls smooth. The finished walls in those tubes resemble polished black glass.

Q. By whom was the Dulce installation originally constructed? A. Nature started the caverns. The Draco (reptilian humanoids) used the caverns and tunnels for centuries. Later, through the Rand Corporation plans, it was enlarged repeatedly. The original caverns included ice caves and sulfur springs that the 'aliens' found perfect for their needs. The Dulce caverns rival Carlsbad, New Mexico caverns in size. (Note: Carlsbad caverns are the largest and deepest in the world).

Q. Are the various electromagnetically controlled air or space craft that have been seen leaving from and arriving at Mt. Archuleta manned by humans, the 'alien entities' or both?

A. Archuleta Mesa is a minor area. The craft leave and are stored in five different areas. One is SE of Dulce, one near Durango Co., one at Taos, N. M., and the main fleet is stored at Los Alamos (underground). (Note: I believe Thomas Castello is referring to the 'joint-operational' fleet. From combined sources, however, it appears that Dulce is absolutely surrounded on all sides by 'alien bases.' It also appears that Archuleta peak---although apparently the central NEXUS of the entire underground network---is just one part of an overall complex that some claim is nearly the size of Manhattan. Los Alamos and the mountainous regions east and southeast of it {in and around the Santa Fe National Forest} seem to be the major 'nest' of Reptiloid/Gray forces in North America . . . although there is also a large number of 'dens' scattered throughout the underground networks between Dulce and Area 51. Dulce seems to be a major 'corridor' for exterran and subterran reptilian activity---in other words, a central 'infiltration zone' or surface operatives, as well as an operational base for abduction-implantation-mutilation agendas. It's also a major convergence for sub-shuttle terminals, UFO ports, etc.)-- Branton

Q. Others have suggested that some of the entities below Dulce are not of 'extraterrestrial' origin, and that they are actually descended from saurian or reptiloid beings such as the Velociraptors or Stenonychosaurus Equallus, a 'serpentine' race or races similar to what was hinted at in the third chapter of the book of Genesis.

A. Yes, some 'reptoids' are native to this planet. The ruling caste of 'aliens' are reptilian. The beige or white beings are called The Draco. Other reptilian beings are green, and some are brown, much like the many different colors of skin on this planet. They were an ancient race on Earth, living underground. It may have been one of the Draconian beings that 'tempted' Eve in the Garden of Eden. Reptoids rightly consider themselves "native Terrans." Perhaps they are the ones we call the Fallen Angels. Maybe not; either way, we are considered the 'squatters' on Earth.

Q. Some have suggested that the so-called underground 'E.T.' bases and tunnels may, for a large part, be literally thousands of years old . . . constructions of an antediluvian race which escalated to a considerable level of scientific complexity, and who were destroyed by a Divinely-initiated cataclysm which took place after they attempted to merge their science with occult/supernatural forces. For instance, some have suggested that the Bermuda Triangle phenomena may be the result of an out-of-control Atlantean experiment that led to a time/space disaster that produced "electromagnetic fallout" in the Triangle area and elsewhere---after they had accidentally unleashed powerful forces and energies into the world that they knew very little about. Do your observations tend to confirm or refute such a possibility?

A. I'm not sure about the Divine part, but these 'aliens' consider themselves 'NATIVE TERRANS.'

Q. Where do the little gray Aliens fit in?

A. They work for and are controlled by the Draco. There are other gray skinned beings that are not in league with the Draco.

Q. Did you ever talk to any of the 'Aliens' at the Base?

A. Because I was the Senior Security Technician at that base, I had to communicate with them on a daily basis. If there were any problems that involved security or video cameras, I was the one they called. It was the reptilian working caste that usually did the physical labor in the lower levels at Dulce. Decisions involving that caste were usually made by the white Draco. When human workers caused problems for the working caste, the reptoids went to the white 'Draconian boss', and the Draco called me. At times, it felt like it was a never ending problem. Several human workers resented the 'no nonsense' or 'get back to work' attitude the working caste lives by. When needed, intervention became a vital tool. The biggest problem was the human workers who foolishly wandered around near the "OFF LIMITS" areas of the 'Alien Section'. I guess it's human nature to be curious and to wonder what was past the barriers. Too often, someone found a way to bypass the barriers and nosed around. The cameras near the entrance usually stopped them before they got themselves in serious trouble. A few times, I had to formally request the return of a human worker.

Q. Are there other sites tied into the 'shuttle network', other than those which you have mentioned? If so, where are the entrances?

A. WHERE!?! EVERYWHERE! They criss-cross the world as an endless subterranean highway---like a freeway, except this one is underground. To reiterate, the subterranean highway in America is like a freeway, except it's underground. That highway depends on electric motors (for trucks, cars and buses) for the paved roads, and it is for limited travel. There is another style of transit for freight and passengers; this is for rapid travel. The world-wide network is called the Sub-Global System. It has 'check points' at each country's entrance into the system. There are shuttle tubes that 'shoot' these trains at incredible speeds, using a mag-lev and vacuum method. They travel at a speed that exceeds the speed of sound. Part of your question involves the location of entrances to various bases. The easiest way to answer is to say every state in the U.S.A. has them. Frequently, the entrances are camouflaged as sand quarries, or mining operations. Other complex portals are found on military bases. New Mexico and Arizona have the largest amounts of entrances, followed by California, Montana, Idaho, Colorado, Pennsylvania, Kansas, Arkansas and Missouri. Of all the states, Florida and North Dakota have the least amount of entrances. Wyoming has a road that opens directly into the subterranean freeway. That road is no longer in use, but could be reactivated if they decide to do so . . . with minimal cost. It's located near Brooks Lake. Dungeons & Dragons fanatics, who have been down in the tunnels beneath Salt Lake City, Utah, tell wild stories of hundreds of miles of maze-like passages, connections to the tunnel systems via the sewer drainage network (especially underneath the downtown Salt Lake City Crossroads area) and alien activity similar to that which has been described in connection to Dulce New Mexico. There are also additional reports of a huge cavern network that reaches beyond the border of the state in all directions---a huge network that connects the underground systems of Nevada with those of New Mexico. When dealing with the reptilian forces, unconditional surrender should be first offered and if this is not accepted, then direct military action would be justified. Why? Because of the many permanent 'abductees' whom the Greys and reptiloids have taken captive (those who are still alive) to their underground systems. Most of the treaties that the humans had made with the reptiloids 'down under' have since been broken. This was especially emphasized following the 'Groom Wars' of 1975 and the 'Dulce Wars' of 1979 (as mentioned above), at which time much of the underground U.S. base networks (which were funded by American tax dollars) were overtaken.

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