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Excerpt from the chapter:

By Alexandra "Chica" Bruce

For years, I have been fascinated by the bizarre netherworld described in numerous eyewitness testimonies, such as Phil Schneider's---of joint military-alien underground bases throughout America and the ultra advanced technologies being harbored therein. Conventional wisdom would regard such stories as pure crackpot rants but I have observed too many corroborating details coming from unrelated sources to ignore the pervasive patterns in this information. Don't get me wrong. I don't believe any of it. I don't believe anything, period -- not even "normal" things, anymore. At least I try not to believe anything and it is the most difficult sport I had ever practiced! Believing is something that one does---when one does not KNOW for sure, especially when one has not directly tested, observed or experienced something. Believing is the opposite of creating. Believing is stuck in the past and ignorant of the present. I have come to regard the whole construct of belief as a nefarious, hidden prison system, encompassing all of human activity. Instead, what if every moment was completely fresh, offering limitless expansion and creativity, unencumbered by belief?

How did I get this way? I had a defining experience while living in Sao Paulo, Brazil as a teenager. A neighbor and I both witnessed a large, cylindrical UFO descend straight down over our heads from what appeared to be the edge of the Earth's atmosphere to roughly one thousand feet in altitude. This is a very jarring perspective from which to view a moving aircraft, since they normally traverse the sky horizontally. A metallic, scaffolding-like superstructure, dotted with rows of red lights enveloped this flying machine. On one end, the cylinder opened up to a funnel shape, from which a very bright white light emanated. The whole arrangement looked somewhat like a giant flashlight floating in the sky. It was unlike any "saucer" story that I may have heard of at the time. I have never found another UFO description quite matching what we saw that night. There was nothing "plasmic" or dreamlike about this object. It looked very nuts and bolts, kind of like a Mir space station with antigravity capabilities.

It was still the Cold War at the time and my neighbor and I speculated on whether this was the Russians' or the Americans' latest technology. We observed this craft with powerful Zeiss lens binoculars as it hovered and drifted to our left for 45 minutes, before abruptly vanishing. This huge silent flying object defied the laws of physics that I was being taught in school at the time. Sao Paulo was then and is today one of the most populous cities on the planet. This story did not appear on the headlines of every local newspaper and TV news program, let alone become the biggest international news story -- and THAT broadcast a very strong message to me: Western culture was a massive orchestration of erroneous beliefs and outright lies. I have had a fundamental mistrust of authority ever since. My parents having been executives in advertising and public relations only deepened my opinion. I had inside information on how virtually every story propagated in the media was paid for by one agenda or another. Several other UFO sightings have since followed my intense experience as described above. I do not have any classical "abduction" memories, but I do have a very open mind. This is how I came to seriously consider the claims of Phil Schneider. Hard-core conspiracy fans will recognize Phil Schneider's name in association with the Dulce Wars, the purported conflagration in 1979 between a secret branch of the US military and tall, "big-nosed Greys."

The details of Schneider's accounts of an alien interface with clandestine elements of the military correspond very strongly with hundreds of abductee testimonies that I have encountered over the years. Such accounts can be found in the published works of Katharina Wilson and Val Valerian, among others. Avowals to me from several personal acquaintances, including Al Bielek, Stewart Swerdlow and Glen Pruitt have only reinforced their portrait of this high security, Hadean realm. In 1994, Phil Schneider began lecturing publicly about his 17-year employment as a government geologist in the construction of secret underground bases, including the infamous facilities at Dulce, New Mexico and Area 51 in Nevada. Within two years, he was found collapsed on his wheelchair, strangled to death by his own catheter. Without any proper inspection of the scene, the officer in charge categorized his death as a stroke and his body was hauled off to the morgue. This was the first of many irregularities in the handling of this death's investigation, since it is against Oregon State law for a body to be removed from the scene of a death-at-home without the body first being examined by a coroner. No coroner or assistant coroner ever came to the scene of Phil's death.

Two days later, as his body was being prepared for cremation, the undertaker spotted the rubber tube tied three times around his neck. Supposedly, the massive swelling of tissue, which had obscured the tubing at the scene of his death, had gone down after his body's refrigeration. A coroner was finally called, who declared the cause of death to be "strangulation by ligature asphyxiation", the manner of death a suicide. According to a 20-year veteran New York City narcotics detective that I queried, this kind of self-asphyxiation is NOT humanly impossible. Suicide by hanging, such as that accomplished by INXS lead singer, Michael Hutchence, is quite feasible and relatively common. Death by hanging involves using the weight of the body to block the intake of oxygen and it often results in breaking the neck, but this was not the case with Phil Schneider. During his lectures over the course of the previous two years, Phil Schneider would refer to constant attempts being made on his life, from staged "accidents" to running gunfights. He said that he would keep speaking out about underground base activities until somebody succeeded in killing him and this is evidently what had finally happened.

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