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We had a minute for a nice photo opportunity in Cozumel Mexico

Stopped in for a $1 Corona with a lime in Cozumel Mexico

P.D. got his first Corona also for $1 in Cozumel Mexico

P.D. & Allison enjoying their drinks

They had a Ice carving competition poolside.
This is a dolphin coming out of the water bouncing a ball

Here's another view of the dolphin. Notice Allison on the right in the background :)

Here is the other sculpture of a horses head.

Michelle & Allison @ our complimentary coctail hour for the Leftwich group.

Allison excited to enjoy her lobster tail @ dinner Thursday night.

Fazli: regardless of what the folks at the other table say...Fazli #1 waiter hands down!

Fazli the Thursday night with the baked Alaska

This picture is of "Jose" (not Fazli as it appears)

Nice shot of the Lion King costumes at the Broadway Production

Rick, the cruise director with his signature gestures

More of Rick, the most animated crusie director in the biz!

Shot of a tree like many in Keywest with the very unique structure (on our guided train tour)

The beginning point of Route 1 in Keywest

Nice picture from the Keywest train tour as well

Some guy on the street in Keywest with a dog, cat & 2 mice living peacefully.

Allison & Paul on the butterfly bench in the butterfly museum in Keywest.

Lots of butterfly pics. It was like shooting fish in a barrel.

P.D. enjoying the fish @ the butterfly exibit.

Laura Ann videotaping. She could be found throughout the week capturing video of anything worth filming.

More Butterflies

Butterflies feeding on a plate of fruit.

More Butterflies

More Butterflies

More Butterflies

They also had some birds

These pictures were way too easy!

Allison on the bench with some strange man in Keywest

Paul on Ed's porch enjoying the warm weather for an extra day.

Allison on Ed's porch doing the same.

Here's the view from Ed's living room.

Ed & Allison visiting on the porch in the sun.

View from Ed's porch

Click here for Cruise Pictures Pt 1

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