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The coupon has become an important part in the American society. Many people now use coupons to save them money. Around 3.8 billion coupons were redeemed last year alone. Coupons have become very popular since their release in 1894, 79% of the United States Population now use them. Shoppers saved more than $3 billion last year by using coupons. This is a great amount considering the averave face value of a coupon is $.81.

Coupons really took off in the 1930's due to the great depression. The sudden introduction of the supermarket boosts the coupons popularity in the 1940's and makes it evident that the coupon is most likely here to stay. In 1957 the Nielson Coupon Clearing House makes history as the first clearing house that is devoted to coupon redemption. 1965 marks a staple year for the coupon as one-half of Americans now use coupons. Ten years later in 1975 that percentage grows to 65% and 35 billion coupons are distributed that year. It becomes evident that in the last 100 years coupons have become a great part of the American life as America celebrates the first National Coupon Month in September 1998. Children create art designs of their favorite coupons in this first annual celebration. As you can see, over the last 110 years, the coupon has become an important, and money saving, part of the American society and I hate to think of what it would be like without them.

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