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Here are some interesting facts about coupons that you may or may not have known. There are a few interesting things in here that you might have never expected to learn about a coupon.

-77% of the United States population uses coupons.

-Shoppers saved more than $3 billion last year with coupons.

-Coupon users report an average of 11.5% savings on their grocery bill with coupons.

-Manufacturers offered more than $250 billion in coupon savings in 2003.

-The average face value of manufacturer's coupons offered to consumers is $.85.

-The highest percentage of coupon users are in the $50-$75,000 range of income.

-79% of coupons come from a free standing insert.

-The New England region uses the most couopns out of all of the regions in the United States.

-Only about 1% of coupons distributed get redemmed.

-The average coupon expiration period is about 3 months.