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Midterm Self-Evaluation
Sample B

Class Participation Assessment

I feel that during these past few months of college writing I was able to share my thoughts and idea’s with people, with out feeling like someone was going to jump on my back because I had a different opinion.  This made me feel more comfortable when I raised my hand to read an article; and when we had just written something in class and I was able to share it with the class.  While sitting in class the atmosphere was not intense at all making it very easy to listen to one another without being distracted, this class was too interesting to not listen to one another.  Whenever someone was talking they usually had the full attention of the class, well, they had my full attention, at that, anyhow.  Kerin and I help each other a lot in our writing, we give it to each other over night, and suggest things that might be done to the piece to make it better.  I don’t find myself having side conversations, maybe right after we’ve just finished an article, and everyone still reading, we might slip in a word or two.  While I was in this class I was absent two days, but it was too much that I couldn’t make up, and my attendance the rest of the year has been very good.  The rest of the time when I was here and attending class I was always prepared, I never forgot my journal.  I think since the beginning of the year I improved more, in being able to volunteer more, because I was able to get to know everyone.  When we would split off into groups, I would always get the chance to get a little closer to someone else.  I think I deserve an A- for a class participation grade.  I am open-minded, respect others’ viewpoints and listen to others actively, and empathetically, making eye contact, nodding or responding.  I always arrive to class with a positive attitude on time, ready to work and prepared with my journal, writing utensil, and assignments.  I usually volunteer, share ideas and work, asking questions and offering potential answers.

Journal Assessment

My journal entries have all been safely secured into my journal, numbered, and dated.  I not only complete all the in class assigned journal entries, but also do a lot outside of that.  I enjoy writing extra journal entries, because it’s a place where I can put all my idea’s down that are floating around in my head.  I would say that, most, if not all of my journal entries have been completed.  I think I have around 6 or 7 entries that go beyond that required journal entries.  Some of them are poems from the September 11 incident and the rest are just occasional poems.  Some of my entries are me taking a risk, because I write about things in which I am not quite sure how to do, and I take a side in which other people may not take.  For example, my scene about euthanasia, and how I am for it, others may be against it.  I have definitely grown in how to write my journal entries.  I have been able to put more thought into it.  At the beginning of the year, I wasn’t really sure how to write them, but as time passed, I was better in putting my thoughts on paper.  I am always able to meet my deadlines, whether it is for handing in journals or reading for the class.  With that I am also able to get feedback   from friends. For my journal grade I feel I deserve an A.  I am well organized, with all of my journal entries dated.  I have at least 20% more than the required one entry per class session.  I have made this journal my own.  Many entries go beyond the assignments- asking new questions, finding new answers, playing with the content or form or writing additional drafts.  I take risks, and demonstrate thinking.  Journal entries are read on the day they are assigned and journals are handed in on the day they are due.  All entries range from one to three pages.

Progress Towards Goals Portfolio Assessment

Goal #1: To be less wordy and more direct with the reader.         Satisfactory

For this goal I feel that I would evaluate it at being satisfactory.  In the piece Thinking, written for an English class, I was describing my past four years at Barlow and any reflections I had about Barlow.  “During my four years at Barlow I feel that I am walking about with knowledge, integrity, and stamina.”  That was my opening sentence, and I feel that I really worked that sentence a lot, trying to make it interesting and easy to read, since it was one of the most important lines of the piece.  It was effective to the piece, because I was able to make the whole piece really easy to read with out the words getting in the way.

Goal #2:  Better sentence structure.         Satisfactory

For this goal I feel that I would evaluate it at being satisfactory.  In my piece A Respectful Remembrance I was able to try out different kinds of sentences.  I didn’t only use statements, but I used questions too.  I wasn’t ever able to put a question into a piece of my writing.  But in this piece I really played around with the idea, and entered in a lot of questions, maybe even going a little overboard.  “Wouldn’t you want to be able to have the option to put an end to the pain and suffering that you have been going through, and what your family has been going through?  Not that you would have to put an end to it, but wouldn’t you at least want the option to?”  I really feel this helped the piece by making the reader really think about the topic.  Making the topic come to life for them, in any case of it ever happening to them.

Goal #3:  Vocabulary.         Very Poor

For this goal I feel that I would evaluate it at being very poor.  I don’t think it was the class itself that didn’t help it along, it was that it just wasn’t in the criteria.  Making it so I was never really able to learn new vocabulary.  If I had learned new vocabulary I really think it would have added to a lot of my writings, because I tend to use the same wording over and over again.  And who really likes using the Thesaurus?  Not me. Vocabulary really adds to pieces; enriching the text and giving it a high quality flavor.

Goal #4:  Organization.         Significant

For this goal I feel that I would evaluate it at being significant.  At the beginning of the year it was really hard for me to let paragraphs flow together nicely, but after a little while in this class, I was able to write a very nicely done health paper.  I was able to start some of the paragraphs with nice statistics, and be able to flow right on to my next point of view with out being choppy; starting my next paragraph with a question.  This is effective in a piece of writing because you are able to read right through it, without having to ask yourself where you might have missed the point.

Goal #5:  Using a semi-colon the right way.         Significant

For this goal I feel that I would evaluate it at being significant.  I never knew how to use a semi-colon, but after this quarter, I have definitely improved.  In this piece Words and How They Are Portrayed I used the semi-colon several times, not feeling afraid to let it jump into my writings.  “What the artist wants from you is a reaction; he wants you to show emotions that you might not have everyday.”  I think semi-colons add to a piece because they are really necessity if you are going to put two sentences together that need it.  You must know how to use it right, for it to be effective.

Portfolio grade:  I feel I deserve an A-.  I have four entries, but only because I had no proof of improvement on one of my goals.  I tried very hard on improving on all of my goals, and it was for my reference, not for anyone else, not even to try to get a good grade in this class.  These goals were set so I could feel good about myself and the way I write.

Overall Assessment

Class Participation:  A-
Journal Assessment:  A
Progress Towards Goals:  A-

My improvement over this year seems absolutely fantastic.  I have really grown in my writing, and become better in making myself do thing over if I don’t like the way they turned out.  Through all of this goal making and progress I feel that I am able to set goals for my future, and this time I will get my vocabulary goal accomplished.  Other goals I have for writing is to more or less writing more drafts.  To be able to allow myself several drafts before handing in the final copy.  I think that, also, as I got older and started to feel like I was closer to being an adult that somehow my writing changed through that.  That my point of view has changed on a lot of things, making my quality and style of writing a little better.  Overall grade: A-.

Class Evaluation

The website for college writing seemed pretty mediocre.  It was useful in a sense that our homework assignments were available daily.  It’s set-up was easy and very accessible.  The e-mail was very accessible, and the information was from a reliable source.  One of the weaknesses of the website was that the colors made it hard to read the site.  A suggestion to improve the site would be to add a chat room where kids could respond to articles or ideas/controversial topics that might have gone on in class that day. Another suggestion would be to put all the handouts on the website so if one is absent they could just goto the website.  Also, if a handout is lost it is available on the website.

The best part of the class was that we were able to be really open with each other in sharing our idea’s and opinions.  We were all able to depend on each other to not rip our throats out for having a different opinion.  Especially when we all helped Nathan with his paper, I felt that was a really good experience, because no one was mean in criticizing him, but just helpful.  I don’t really think there were too many parts of the class that wasn’t useful.  Maybe the fact that we read so my articles and responded to them, I wasn’t too kean about that.  I just figure that it’s part of the growing process, and it helps you become better in your writing.  One suggestion for next semester would be to have more times where the whole class can look at your paper, so everyone can get a turn, and have the chance that Nathan was able to partake in.
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