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Writing a Short Story from a Postcard
(From Kate Dickstein)

1.    Select a postcard that will be the scene of your story.
2.     Describe the scene.  (Remember the story must work without the postcard.)
3.     Describe anything important that is to the right and/or left of the picture.  Above an/or below.  (Describe anything important off camera.)
4.     Put a character into the scene, describe him or her and tell what he or she is doing.
5.     Bring in another character and describe her or him.
6.     Have the two characters engage in a conversation or otherwise interact.
7.     Have the conversation turn into an argument or conflict or expose a problem.
8.     Have the first character attempt to resolve the argument/problem.... but fail.
9.     Resolve the argument/problem.
10.     Have one or both of the characters leave the scene.
11.     Describe the scene again.