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What is this all about you ask?  Why am I after your money?

Well, I'm really not.  I just want to extend an invitation out to anyone that might be looking for a good cause to donate to.  College is not cheap no matter where you go.  An average college student probably pays close to $100,000 to go to school.  Between textbooks, tuition, room and board, class fee's, lab fee's and everything else a student experiences during those four years, sometimes a part-time job isn't enough.  Students take out millions in loans every year and every year millions of people are in debt, some due to old college loans.  In an effort to avoid attempting a fulltime job and night school, I though I would look to my community for help.  Friends and families pitched in and helped to get me through my first two years of school without more than a small loan and a part-time job in-between classes.

Now, however, I'm reaching out to the world through the internet to see if I can't get more people to pitch-in and help out.  I'm not the only one.  Look around, there are plenty of students dropping out, going in debt, and worst of all giving up their dreams because they can't afford to continue in their chosen career.  If not to me, consider giving to them.  To the worlds future doctors and lawyers, historians and authors, our journalists and engineers, and everyone else that will help make and run the future.

It really is an amazing way to give-back to the community.  It only takes a minute, and there is no monetary obligation.  Anything from one penny to and entire tuition can be paid.  If money is not an option, remember, money is not all a college student needs.  There are room furnishings, computers, class supplies, and clothing that could all greatly help a student in need.  Look around, talk to people you know, see if you can help.   I promise, every little bit...will be greatly apreciated.

Thank you,