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City and Guild

  Levels ½

The city and guilds course consist of spreadsheets, database methods, word processing, web page design and most of all using the internet. This course is aimed at mature students who lack computer literacy and who are not familiar with the internet an other applications.



City and Guild Level 2

  Level 2

Level two is a bit more technical, this level is based on maintain equipment and systems, custom support provision and installing equipment. Also level two deals with operating systems ad with this qualification you can either go on to level 3 or employment, but to get on this course you need to have city and guilds level one.



City and Guild Level 3

  Level 3

This is the hardest and most experienced level and it deals with spreadsheet methods, web page design, IT principles desk, and relational database. Again this course is aimed for the mature student, level three gives the student the opportunity to gain a high key skills knowledge in windows based computer applications.

To qualify for this course you need a level 2 IT qualification and previous computing experience (does not matter what kind of experience). This course is at a very high level and only recommends committed students. The course is for 16 hours a week for a whole year students can apply through admissions unit or the application form.



E-QUALS City and Guild 7262 Level 1-2


Aim - Computer application course designed for able mature student who do not have substantial computing experience. The course uses Windows based software. This course Spreadsheet, Database methods, Word processing, Using the Internet, Maths, English and IT Principles, Webpage Design.

Course Details :

full-time (1 year course)

Start: September 2003
Finish: July 2004
Location: Shoreditch



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