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They Have To Understand The Rules

Tee Ball is played just like baseball except for the rules that are intended to balance the advantage the batter enjoys as a result of him hitting a stationary ball off the tee. That one facet of this game presents angles peculiar to Tee Ball that must be examined, understood, and communicated to coaches, players, and parents. I've been in games where parents who've been around the game for a few years heckle umpires and coaches because of calls and decisions they've made and the only mistake that was made was that the parent didn't understand the game. For instance, Tee Ball Baseball has specific rules about the stoppage of play after the ball is hit. If you don't know those rules, this game can be very frustrating. Tee Ball parents normally count on their coaches to help them understand the rules of the game, but I can tell you that coaches often do not fill this gap - many times, the rules are new to them too. Once you're finished reading this booklet, pick up a copy of the official Tee Ball Baseball rules and read them from cover to cover - you'll end up very well informed and prepared. If you don't know your way around Official Baseball Rules, read up on them as well. The more you know about the game, the better off your children will be (it might also keep you from pressing the umpire too far on a judgment call).

The official Tee Ball Baseball rulebook published annually in Milton, Florida

 "Little League Baseball" Tee Ball Rules can be found throughout
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