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Clan 110] History

Our clan has been threw alot that most people dont know about.

There was once a clan called clan Brothrhod. Pakis was the leader of this clan. He made many friends that are still around. Keynewb[110] and Spiritfox both joined this clan. The clan went well until Brothrhod was disbanded. Pakis Keynewb[110] and Spiritfox went threw many clan including some they all made together. About 6 months later Pakis and his neighbor BNU-RCPsycho made a clan together called Terror of Destruction (t-o-d) & (xToDx). Soon many of the members from Brothrhod joined it. Pakis got greedy and decided to attack BNU-RCPsycho and over throw his control over the clan. With all the clan members supporting this it happened. insanity_b[110] joined at this time. Pakis didnt want to lead the clan so he let Keynewb[110] and Rage something run it. It went well till it was discovered that Rage was talken trash about Pakis. Pakis responded by over throwing it again and killing the clan.

Now we get to the seeds of 110]. With the distruction of Terror of Destruction gone Keynewb[110] Pakis and Spiritfox deicded that they needed a clan. Clan BH_ was then formed. many new It was just like Brothrhod with a new name. It went well till somehow it died out and all the members disbanded except for a few loyal members. Hotlight[110] joined us at this time. Im not exactly sure what happened next along with clans but it was a down time for our crew. Psi_Knight joined us around this time.

110] then becomes to life. Keynewb[110] joined some clan i cant remember but then it disbanded and he decided to make clan 110]. All of the members joined us. BreadTruck[110] joined at this time as one of the generals. The clan went fine until June of 2003. Keynewb[110] decided to step down as leader and let others do it. Pakis took over for a week but then had to leave for 6 weeks. He left the Clan with the generals and others. The clan during this time became very inactive and died out. Then on Augest 12 with the return of Pakis to Battle Net he decided to bring back 110]. All the members suddenly returned and this is where we are today.