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Brendans Diary!!
Brendan's Diary!
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Name: Brendan Andrew Gomm Smith

Age: 14
Sex: Male
Location:  Cairns,Australia

Date of Birth: 28/8/89
Horoscope Sign: Virgo


September, 06, 03

Its is 11:46 am and im very bored. My sister's friend just got caught stealing or something. My sister (Lauren) should have told her no!!!!! Anyway i was up at 9:30 this morning and god damn it im tired. Since i couldn't go back to sleep i started cleaning the whole god damned house. But anyway i decided to eat beakfast at like 11 so i went and ate coco-pops then went for a shower. When i came out i had a coffee ymmmmmmmy!!!!!! Anyway i got online and Glenda (my friend) sent me an e-mail saying she hates me and all of this bullshit so i asked her why and she said it was cause her man (LAnce) don't trust her nomore cause of me. She dont like him dat much anyway so dont know whats up her ass. Any way im bored so ill write in later on today bye!!!!!

I have made so many changes to my diary today and it only took me 3 and a half hours. O well at least it looks a bit better and has more sites added to it. I wish more people found out about it and came on here to read what i have to say. Anywayz my sister (Lauren) is moving into my other sisters(Emily and Shanice) room cause hers is too big for her liking. So i had to help move tvs and beds and stuff and wasnt that fun now. Me and Glenda are friends now it was only a five minute fight. OMG i forgot to add the emails in my friends section. Crap o well ill do it later on when i come back on. Poppi (My friend) has an online diary to, but she wont tell no1 the address, well wats the point of that???? It took me and my mum (Karina) like 30 minutes to find 1 receipe for her friend and now she dont want that one she wants another one. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! There is nothing to do online now except for making my diary look better cause everything else is boring *Yawn* Im so tired maybe alll that cleaning worn me out lol. Holy to much typing for today and i havent even finished lol. Anywayz i havent laughed today yet cause i think today is even slacker than yesterday. Anywayz i cant wait til tomorrow cause i gotta see chow to see if i have this job YAY!!!!!!!! OMG thats shows on wat is it called ummmmmmmmmmmmmmmm mr smart or someting that dumb old show, umm i have to get caffine in my body so im going to get a coffee so ill write later.

Im back with great news. I just went to the toilet to pee and guess what was floating in it. Yep you guessed it a big giant terd and i had to hold my breath when i was peeing. So i got vanilla spray shit and sprayed 1 whole can of it in the toilet. Damn sisters flush the god damn toilet. I hate the toilets at school. Infested with crabbes and piss on the toilet seat and on the floor and pubic hairs everwhere, terds in the toilet (Yuck flush) and when you find a good enough toilet to pee/shit in, it has no god damn lock. Do boys get pleasure of ripping locks of toilet doors. Well i don't. I dont know how this whole topic of toilets came up but i just decided to tell u all.Not being sexist or anything but how do girls wear tampons? like would it give them plesure can you please answer that question in my Guestbook and also any regards about the toilet issue.

Im sorry for writing so much shit today but im so bored. See im doing this offline so i copy and paste it when im on so i can talk when im online and not waste my time. Errrrrrrrrrrrrrr there is this cricket and we sprayed it with fly spray (for you glenda you might of thought we sprayed it with deoderant) and it was puking all of the fridge, Yuck i find that disgusting ok. I hate my life but hey i gotta live with it. I need people to write me questions in my questbook so i can answer them in the journal please!!!!!!

Well i hope im not boring you now but I'm bored so ill make you bored I LIE!!!. I love coffee it makes my day complete. But it stops me from god damn sleeping. Its as if god dont want me to sleep. I cant sleep in no longer that like 9. Am i retarted? I need sleep so i look my best everyday. Maybe if i sleep earlier but that wont make me sleep in. I NEED SLEEP!!!!!!!!!!!! Damn it.

Im only writing this much cause i have nothin to do. I cant have a shower i had one this morning and used all of the god damn hot water, why is life soo fuckin expensive? I hate this world but in a way i love it. Glenda and Elise make me wanna live longer so i can laugh more at nick and fight with the losers (Janelle, Taija, Alisha, Stick(Coryn) and Nick or nikki). I was just on and i found out she is racist. Why are small people so stupid. Ok im going to eat or do something with my life then stay around this god damn computer. Write later!!!

Great i had a lovely sleep now didn't i !!!!!!!! i wanted to sleep from 5-6 but my first half n hour was spent listening to my sisters (Lauren, Shanice and Emily) scream and fight so i put the pillow over my head. But i couldnt hear my alarm so i didnt get up until 6 30 aint that great. Yummmmmm we are gonna have fiish and chips for dinner tonight. I love the smell of them and the soggy soft ones.

September, 05, 03

Today was Slack, even though it's the launching of my website. I have got to see this chick called Chow on Sunday to see if i get this job. At school today there is this girl called Taija and this half boy half girl called Nick. Anyway they have big mouths and keep saying shit about me and my friends (Glenda & Elise) So i went and yelled at them and didn't that do good now NOT!!!!!!! Nick and Taija are bitches anyway lol. We were watching this movie called Faces in the Mob with our teahcer (ms Webb) anyway This whole movie is about kangaroo's and my friend Glenda asked me if that was a kangarooo that was the laugh of the day. I go to Woree High, and im 14. My name is Brendan Smith and im happy today. Anywayz i g2g but ill write back tomorrow its now 11:43PM and im tired, BYE!!!!!!!.

I would like to thank for inspiring me to do this online diary!
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