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oOo...bonNie loVes anDrEw...oOo

23 reasons why i love you sooooOOOooo much!


anniversary card for baby!

Thank you for visiting my page at Angelfire. Please come back and visit again! I love you sweety ! I wrote you a poem! .:*Story to life*:. Up in fairy tale land* That became reality* I was the princess in the tower* You're the prince who saved me.* When I felt I could not awake* From problems or from pain,* Your kiss brought me life* Brought happiness again.* You fight off evil creatures* To keep me safe do anything.* Make me feel so beautiful* Spoil me, teach and help me with everything.* You show me love in its perfection* As you give me all of your affection.* Make whats envied in movies and stories real* With this amazing love you make me feel.* You are my knight in shinning armor* That jumped out of the book.* That story that people fantisize was their life* Is now happily ours it looks <3