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Favorite Songs
NOTE: These songs take a few minutes to download. Or Right click and Save Target As.
Dont Dream Its Over -Crowded House
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With These Eyes -Rock Voisine
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Yesterday -Beatles
Desperado -Eagles
Runaway Train -Soul Asylum
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Behind Blue Eyez - Limp Bizkit
This is Benny's home.  A place to come and ... well, learn about Benny.  Ha Ha can you find anything more exciting to do with your time?  I know I cant.  What would you like to know about Benny.  He writes poetry.  He loves to listen to music and he even writes a few songs here and there, check out his demo child on the run.  He plays the drums.  He loves food especially pastas.  He writes journals and all his thoughts and ideas in them. 
Ben loves to play his games on the net and one such game is called Netropolis.  Its a fun multiplayer game where you can role play a mob boss or dirty mafia hitman.  Sure is fun and he spends alot of time there.
Mindgames is packed with all kinds of information about behavioural disorders and other illnesses.  It is a community forum to come and discuss these behavioural disorders. But, you must join the forum to be able to post or reply to threads.
Bennys Weight Watchers page and personal history page will be coming soon.  Do you like mp3's.  Ben does and he is setting up an mp3 page and all you have to do is right click on the downloads links and 'save target as', then select a location on your hard drive.  Its as easy as that.  I encourage you to visit often because you dont want to miss out on some fun and interesting things to come.
Poetry and song
Disorder Forum
   My History
Coming soon!
Coming Soon!
To listen to my new demo 'Contemplation' click here!