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Under construction

Umm, sorry guys. Thatís the preview for now. The site is not finished. I am gonna add tons of flash to it and make it easy to use. I intend to use it as a blogging site as well as showing a gallery of stuff I am making. I am intending for it to hold flash files and images for your viewing "pleasure". I will also add advertise war3pub and recruit staff (Volunteers to create free flash files. If you volunteer, you will be allowed to ad your own watermarks to the flash files. You will be required to host a .fla file on the site too though.). (If you have flash and you are prepared to make it for people FREE, please feel free to E-mail me. Or you can just u2u me. This will be only be for ACTIVE members of War3Pub though, so you will have to u2u me on War3pub and I will have to check your post count. You must have over 500 posts to be eligible to receive free services from me. IF YOU CAN DONATE FREE FTP SPACE FROM YOUR DOMAIN PLEASE E-MAIL ME!.

All flash and image files on this site are © Emile Victor 2003/4. GGNOREKTHX!!
(Some material may be property of other Authors.)
I may also be referred to as TAXZL (My favourite internet alias.).