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Kreang Rang Khong Khlang!


Khatha Poocha (Suriyan) Rahu LP Noi
¨˜”°º• ku sa-se to ma-ma ku sa-se to to la la-ma-ma to la mo tho la mo ma-ma tho la mo ma-ma tho la mo tang he ku ti ma-ma he ku ti •º°”˜¨

Khatha Poocha (Chantra) Rahu LP Noi

¨˜”°º• yat tha tang ma-ma tang tha ya ta wa tang ma-ma tang wa ti tang se-ka-ma-ma ka se-kang ka ti yang ma-ma ya ti ka •º°”˜¨




SING KRAISORN RAJASI (LP Derm "Rare" ivory lion raising only a front leg)
Khatha Rajasi: ¨˜”°º• SING-HA-NA-THANG •º°”˜¨


Khio Sie "Tiger Canine" LP Parn (BE2368-BE2453)
Wat Mongkhon Kotawat Samut Prakarn.

_____..)/..________..)/..________..)/..________..)/.._______..)/..________..)/..________..)/..________..)/...______ ¯¯¯¯¯../(.¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯../(.¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯../(.¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯../(.¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯../(.¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯../(.¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯../(.¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯../(.¯¯¯¯

Phrak Khreang!

Phrak Rod Lamphun (BE1223) Queen Chamthewi

Wat Mahawan Lopburi (Haripoonchay Period) ~ 1200 years old.
The Great-Grand-Five amulets in Thailand.
**The price and info/text below was exactly extracted from a Thai elite collector;
Buddha Immage from What Mhahawon Lumpoon city price 2,800,000 Bath Incrude waranntee for 1 Year


This is an expensive amulet. It will cost around 500 000 bath to own such piece. Attached link to check with Thailand price:

A short history regarding the amulet:

Wat Rattana Mahathat was formerly a Khmer palace of worship. The Lopburi-style prang fronting the temple was built around 1157 AD. The U-Thong-style cement Buddhas on the prangs were added at a later date. Lopburi was probably founded in pre-historical period until the Khmers who expanded their power to the town of Larvo dating back from the 10th century and ruled over the area. They ruled over the area until the middle of the 13th Century when the Thais, who had already migrated from the north and had settled down in this country, fought against them and declared the independence of the Thai. Since then, Lopburi has been ruled by the Thais. The above beautiful vintage amulet of Wat Rattana Mahathat, Phrak Huyan Nayak was made during that period ca 1388 AD.
Many Monuments in Khmer style were constructed in Lopburi such as the Hindu Shrine, Phrak Kan Shrine "Brahmanical shrine" etc. These monuments still exist in abundance. The temple was restored during the reign of King Narai the Great. In 1664 AD. King Narai the Great, a king of Ayutthaya, made Lopburi the second capital with the help of French architects.


Phrak Khunphaen Baiphutsa Cache Wat Jai Chaymongkhon Somdet Phrak Phornrat ~ 450 years old
This is a very collectable antique amulet of Phrak Khun Phaen series. The price is very much higher compared to the famous Phrak Khun Phaen Wat Bangkrang. Phrak Khun Phaen Bai Phutsa (PKPBP) clay-made can ONLY be found at Wat Jai Chaymongkhorn Cache Ayutthaya. People starts to call PKPBP because it is easy to remember the style, enlightened Lord Buddha sitting in the centre on a Baiphutsa (Chinese Date Fruit Leaf).
The amulet was made by HRH Legendary King Mahesuan Maharat and was consecrated by a very “saksit” Guru at that period, Phrak Somdet Phornrat Wat Pa Keow, during the glorious days of Ayutthaya ~ 450 years ago. HRH King Mahesuan Maharat highly respected Phrak Somdet Phornrat very much because of his supernatural power and high-ultra Dhamma.
As you can see on the pixy; PKPBP was handmade of clay mixed with special holy powder, Lord Buddha sitting on Baiphutsa with Marawichai style. It shapes like a half egg and you can notice Somdet Phornrat palm print was left behind on the back. Some votive amulets are of fine whereas some are of rough textures. This are some of the identifications of a genuine piece.
PKPBP can be found in 2 materials; made of clay and lead alloy (Wat Ratburana Mahathat). The clay-made is much rarer therefore fetches higher prices than the lead alloy. However, both are as good and proven efficacious. This amulet is very good for Metta Mahasaneh and Khongkraphan Chatri. Today, it is very difficult to find a genuine PKPBP although market price is a few hundred thousands to a million Bath a piece. This PKPBP is well-known among Thai elite collectors because they will rather keep it for themselves.


Somdet Phrak Phutthachan Toh Wat Rakhang


"THAMMA KHAN" written on back of amulet
Khatha LP Sod Wat Paknam: ¨˜”°º• SAMMA ARAHANG •º°”˜¨




Luang Phor Ngern, his name is only “Ngern”, because in those days Thais did not use surname. Luang Phor Ngern was born on Friday 16th September in the year BE2351 during the reign of first Chakri. His father’s name is Nai Oo from Bangklan whereas his mother Nang Faak is from Ban Saen Tor. He has six siblings (two girls and four boys); Phromchai, Thapying, Thongchai, Ngern, Lermchai and Rotying.

When he was 5 years old, his teacher Nai Chuang Seung send him to stay in Bangkok and he was later endorsed to study at Wat Chanasongkram where he ordained as Ndern at 12 years old. During his stay at this temple, he learned dharma and buddhism from a couple of Gurus. After ordained as a monk at the age of 20 years old, he stayed for another 3 years. But then he decided to move to Wat Rakhang Kositaram and later he became a disciple to Phrak Somdet Acharn Toh Phrommarangsi...
After completing his studies at Wat Rakhang, he went back to his home town and stayed at Wat Bangklan Tai for 1 year. Then he moved to stay at Wat Wang Takor because they need to resurrect an old temple there. When he arrived at the boundary of Wat Wang Takor, he took 3 Bodhi trees and planted at the entrance and the future this 3 Bhodis will grow up and be healthy and prosperous as the temple which he will build. Until today, these trees can be seen growing graciously at Wat Wang Takor.
LP Ngern started to renovate the temple and build Ubosot, Kutti, Chedi, Sala and Viharn successively. Miraculously whenever LP Ngern wanted to build the temple, helps and donations keep coming in from all corners of Thailand. He was known for his kindness and his magical power. Many people will come to be blessed and some will ask to become his student. The most famous student he had was the son of HRH King Rama 5, Prince Chumphorn Ket Udomsak, the founder of the Royal Thai Navy. The prince was also the closest disciple of LP Suk Wat Pak Khlong Wat Makham Thao Chainat and he was also well-known for his magic. LP Ngern Wat Bangklan and LP Suk Wat Pk Khlong Makhamthao are good friends. They also have the same level of Ultra High-Dharma knowledge. Phrak Khru Asamban the abbot of Wat Wang Takoh and Phrak Acharn Choom the abbot of Wat Takoh, both were closed disciples of LP Ngern, was responsible for the making of LP Ngern mini amulets. The first amulet made, Roop Lor in bronze was called “Phim Kheeta” because the amulet had eye excretion-look. In those days, everything was handmade, so workmanship is not as good as todays technique. At that time, this amulet was distributed to devotees at a price of 1 bath only. But today, it will cost around a million baths to own a piece and this is the most expensive mini amulet in Thailand. The second time they made a few batches. Artisan was much better and the amulets were nicely made, so they decided to call the bigger amulet “Phim Rooplor Loy Ong”. These two phims were distributed to man devotees, whereas woman and children were given smaller amulets known as “Phim Rian Lor Khai Pla Chop Lek and Chop Yai”. His amulets were so popular that it quickly distributed out. To be able to let everyone who wish to have his amulet, he decided to make it compulsory every year in November to consecrate amulet.
His name was well-known and to remember him, the King decided to ask his permission to build LP Ngern Boocha statues of him. Actually, he doesn’t like it but anyhow allowed them to build only 2 statues. The first statue was placed at Wat Wang Takoh and the second was placed at Wat Tai Nam. There are only two LP Ngern statues in Thailand made during his life time.
Wat Tai Nam is a temple which LP Ngern spend most of his life, teaching and building up the temple likewise Wat Wang Takoh. He also visited many temples but he will alternatively spend most of his phansa after teaching dharma and tudong at these two favourite temples of his; Wat Tai Nam and Wat Wang Takoh. There are exactly 7 temples which made amulets of LP Ngern Roop Lor. And all these amulets were personally blessed by LP Ngern. Therefore some amulets are not the same in features and sizes. But there are also a lot of fakes floating in our market, so please be aware when “buying” them.
LP Ngern lived a long and a healthy life. At the age of 111 years old, he nibbana peacefully at 5:00 PM on Friday 20th October BE2462. The people of Phichit and Thailand remembered LP Ngern as one of the greatest Guru of all time.


Khatha LP Ophasi Phrak Kring Arahan:


This Phrak Kring was made at Wat Boworn Bangkok and was chanted by Top Gurus:

LP Toh W. Praduchimphli, Acharn Thim W. Changhai, LP Daeng W. Khao Bandaiit, LP Chad W. Bang Krabao, LP Chong W. Natangnok, LP Pring W. Bangpangnok, LP Thop W. KaeNangLeng, LP Noi "rahu" W. ThamSala, LP Ngern W. DonYaiHom, LP PhaiThoon W. Pho Nimit, lp Chae Wat Non Nuan, Phrak Khru SamuamPhorn W. Prasat BoonYawat, Acharn Lee W. Asokaram, LP Phuek WatKingkaew, LP Seng W. Suthat, Chao Khun See W. Suthat, LP Tae Kongthong W. SamNgam, LP Soot W. Kalong, LP Ming W. Kok, Chow Khun Phon W. Nang, LP Khom W. Phai Rong Ngua…


Phrak Thakkadan Senim Daeng Cache Kanchanaburi


Phrak LP Boon Phong Ya Chindamani

Phim Soom Khong Sadung Klap BE2470 Wat Klang Bang Kaew
Attached link to check with Thailand price:
Khatha Chindamani

¨˜”°º• Chindamani pik yang man tang yak sang tak sang kho nang oo phak san tik si nay hang maa taa pik tha wak orahang pho tan yak maha ra cha tak wang mang sat tor non thee phang kha ray tay wo soo pho say tik kin tik tay wor yak sak kho phat chang tat mong kin nay waa tat tha phi yang kan tang saa ri phoot toh phak wan tuk may sit ti taa pang cha na nay ya mani chin da pik yang yak tak nang sap phay chan naa pha hu cha naa pik yang mak mak •º°”˜¨


Luang Phor Daeng First Batch Big Rian Amulet (BE2503)


Silver Rian "Gold glossed" Phim See Liam (BE2460)
LP SUK Wat Pak Khlong Makhamthow Chainat


Phrak Khruba Siwichai "niyom" Amulet (BE2482)


Phrak Benjaphakhi Pitthawan Mahalap Rae Bang Phai (BE2425)
LP Chan Wat Molee Bang Bua Thong Nonthaburi
Old high-relief spaghetti/laksa-script "Jant Sen Khanom Chin" found on the amulet


Rev Luang Phor Khlai Nakhorn Sithammarat (BE2419-2513)
Rian LP Khlai "niyom" 1st Batch Wat Suankarn (BE2498)
(Amulet given personally by Rev "Golden Mouth" Phor Than Khlai)
(Personal experience; proven very efficacious for invincibility and great fortune)

Khatha Bucha Rian given by LP Khlai
¨˜”°º• •º°”˜¨

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