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Tagalog Quotes
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i can't blame you if one day you'll walk out of my life but expect me to give up everything just to keep you in sight but if i fall, give me a chance to say, "gagawin ko lahat, wag ka lang umalis"
i could never find another one who could compare to you. i may love again but not the way i have loved you. you may only be a part of my past but you know what? everytime i see you, i whisper..."minahal ko yan."
i don't expect to become the most important person in your life, that's too much to ask. what would make me happy is when 1 day if ever you hear my name, you will smile and say "ah kaibigan ko yon "
i don't want to see you happy for a moment but always. i never want to see you crying even for just a second, but if that's the only way to ease the pain in your heart.."huwag ka pa rin iiyak..ako na lng."
i feel so happy knowing there's someone i can turn to….someone i can cry and laugh with….d'you know who's that someone? it's you! so even if we don't see each other, "sana walang limutan"….
i had a dream, you left me daw, so i cried kse you mean so much to me and i never want to lose you. i felt weird when i woke up because naalala ko, i never had you nga pala!
i just realized that some friends are too good over're one of them...that's when I thought and decided..."ano silbi ng pagmamahal ko syo kung yon ang sisira ng pagkakaibigan natin?"
i know its now over between us, but how come i can't forget you? how come i get hurt when i see you with someone else? perhaps you still have a space in my heart that says, "love pa rin kita baby kahit la kana..."
i know that you already found maybe the right person who you think will love you more than i did, don't worry i'm not hurt. i'd wait and if you come back i'll just say "wag ka mag-alala, mahal pa din kita!"
i know there are so many special person in your life. but when you found out that you're not special and you've taken forgranted by that person, i'll wait for you to turn to me and i'll say, "sa kin sobrang special ka."
i often wonder why things didn't work for the both of us.. patience?... meron.. time?, meron of course!.. love? sobra sobra!! pero teka. was it ever the both us o ako lang?!
i really want to be close to you..close enough that in time, i'll just hold your hand and without saying anything, you know im saying something like this; "dito ka lang, hindi ko kayang mawala ka."
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